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Analysis of Tiny Metal, a great strategy game that lacks the punch to overcome its master

Analysis of Tiny Metal, a great strategy game that lacks the punch to overcome its master
Tiny Metal

I guess I should not be the only one who has monkey of ‘Advance Wars’, which is why both ‘Wargroove’ and this ‘Tiny Metal’ are very appealing games. Since Nintendo does not move tab, that at least we can settle for their clones, but here conformism is not exactly what I expected.

For lack of good bread are cakes, a truth as a temple, but that does not mean that a good village bread is always our top priority. ‘Tiny Metal’ is very far from that bread and, at best, it is close to what you can buy at the gas station at the end of the day. It’s an ‘Advance Wars’ I want and I can not to which the attempt is appreciated, but you can not applaud much more.

From Advance Wars to Tiny Metal

‘Tiny Metal’ takes the formula of the Intelligent Systems classic and translates it into a 3D world while adding some new mechanics. The system is almost identical, two factions that face each other in turns in a location that offers various advantages or disadvantages from the position you are in.


Thus, an infantry group will always be more effective if it attacks from an elevated position or it will be able to defend itself better if it is hidden in a forest. Changes that are reflected when attacking with the corresponding success and critical percentages.

In the same way there is the usual stone, paper, scissors , between units. A basic militia will be effective against another armed with bazookas, while the latter will be more skilled against vehicles and tanks that would erase the basic infantry at a stroke. The strategic scheme is so old and simple that a few minutes are enough to learn it.

Exactly as well it works to internalize the rest of sections: capture buildings to get more money each turn, capture factories to create units with that income, concentrate the fire with several units on the same enemy to cause more damage, improve your troops by actions, pushes a rival to move it from a building that is capturing sacrificing a little life …


The comparison does not do any good

You wanted a strategic game of war and ‘Tiny Metal’ fulfills what was promised with a visual style of the most successful. Some technical problems with cursors that disappear in the selection screen or design decisions in the control of units that could be more polished, yes, but nothing remarkable in a game that can be updated to fix those small problems and, ultimately, with what just for you to settle for having a game similar to ‘Advance Wars’ at your fingertips.

The difference when approaching it is, in short, that it goes badly out of the comparison. On the one hand is the fact of not enjoying the charisma that had the game of GBA, very recognizable despite having to go back to the first DS to find his last game. The attempt is there, but more for wanting to resemble the one who wants to know (or want to) offer his own.

Neither is it holy of my devotion that sometimes it is so slow. You can feel it in its history, with the usual and tedious kilometric lines of text characteristic of a Japanese game (luckily you can ignore them so they can go to a fast camera), but also when it comes to representing battles, uninspired when it comes to playing what and how it attacks to what, and without option to accelerate the animations when you want to go for slaughter.


The multiplayer and the challenges complement a campaign not excessively long and varied in which the progressive appearance of new units is the only thing that invites surprise, but luckily there is a promise of new contents that extend the experience with the passage of time.

The opinion of VidaExtra

Maybe my biggest problem with ‘Tiny Metal’ is that I expected a worthy successor of ‘Advance Wars’ and what I have found is a very similar game that tries to follow that trail with its own weapons. And it may be those same weapons that keep me further away from him, something that does not necessarily have to happen to you.

What is clear is that ‘Tiny Metal’ lacks spark, charisma or even ideas to convince me. Blame mine for expecting more from him than he owed. Blame also the game for not wanting to aspire to something more than settle for the minimum. That said, at times ‘Tiny Metal’ will serve to calm your desire for ‘Advance Wars’, but that will not stop you still wishing with all your might that Nintendo is put the batteries with the franchise.

Analysis of Tiny Metal, a great strategy game that lacks the punch to overcome its master

Tiny Metal

PLATFORMS PS4, Switch and PC (analyzed version)
COMPANY Sony Music Entertainment
LAUNCHING Now available
PRICE 24.99 euros

The best

  • A good way to recover the Advance Wars spirit
  • Good assortment of units (and those that are coming)
  • Long and with New Game + mode


  • The story is pretty loose
  • Sometimes it can be too slow


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