Home Technology Apps Apple filters Pokemon GO Generation 3 by mistake

Apple filters Pokemon GO Generation 3 by mistake

Apple filters Pokemon GO Generation 3 by mistake
Apple filters Pokemon GO Generation 3 by mistake

It may be an error, and surely it is. The fact is that Apple has just published in the Watch Store a banner with the Generation 3 of Pokémon GO , announced but not yet officially published in the game. In this image you see the three initial Pokémon of Ruby, Záfiro and Esmeralda, the games of the third generation of the saga.

Everyone knows Niantic is preparing for the occasion, although we do not know when to get the Generation 3 to Pokémon GO. Many point to Christmas as the key date, hypothesis that may be reinforced by this slip by Apple. Surely we know in a few days, when the official announcement occurs.

The theory that says that it is a simple error gains force because the banner is accompanied by a phrase: “More spooky than ever”, the same one that was used to promote the Halloween event. If you have to bet, we would say that Apple have been testing to see how the new Pokémon would be on their official Watch Store website. Surely they already know when they will arrive and are testing the terrain.

For now the developer of the most popular game of 2016, even with a large number of users around the world, focuses on entertaining its faithful with an event permanently. Special events have been overlapping continuously since April, with Legendary Pokémon such as Ho-Oh, the last to arrive.

When the third generation in Pokémon GO is finally available , 130 new creatures will arrive to amuse millions of people around the world, a unique opportunity to add experience and introduce a revulsive in a game that needs constant news every so often.

For now Niantic is profiting and much the success of this title, developed in collaboration with Nintendo, owner of the franchise. The latter has also made its August in 2017 with Nintendo Switch, although surely we have not seen anything: the real revolution will come when they take to market the announced Pokémon RPG for this console.


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