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Apple puts a price on the replacement of the iPhone battery in Spain

Apple puts a price on the replacement of the iPhone battery in Spain
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Without this has been a week “horribilis” for Apple, which has seen how it exploded in the face a problem that seemed minor at first, but has taken global dimensions in a few days. And now Apple has revealed what it costs to replace the battery of the iPhone with a new one.

Last Thursday Apple dropped his arms and folded before media pressure and especially in the courts to the various demands received for having deliberately slowed down and without notifying his clients of their iPhone.

This is what it will cost you to change the battery of the iPhone

As you can see, the change of the battery to iPhone users by Apple is $ 29, something even excessive for many users, who believe that this battery replacement should be free as a result of the lack of transparency of the of Cupertino with its clients. Well, now we have known thanks to Apple 5 × 1 the price at which Apple will do this operation to Spanish customers.

Many had thought that as often happens in the case of mobiles, the equivalence between the dollar and the euro was not going to be literal, and that surely in our country would be more than 29 euros. But nothing is further from reality, because precisely Apple will make the change of the battery for 29 euros in Spain, so at least this time the equivalence between the euro and the dollar is literal, and although the change keeps coming out more expensive than in the United States, much less what we could have expected. As you know all this is related to Apple’s uncovered practice that consisted of deliberately slowing the performance of the iPhone, with the goal according to the Cupertino to extend the life of the battery and in general of the mobile.

Dismantling the iPhone 6

But many users have not been pleased that Apple has done this behind the back of consumers, reducing the speed of the processor and as a result making the operation of the phone much slower. This last week we had known precisely that Apple was facing demands worth up to one billion dollars , which has forced them to recognize the problem and provide this solution to their customers, we will see if it is enough and this does not end up taking bill to Apple both in terms of reputation as a brand and in the judicial plane.


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