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Apple recognizes that it makes the older iPhone slow on purpose

Apple confirms that older iPhones become slower with each new version of iOS, but says it is to improve the user experience

Apple recognizes that it makes the older iPhone slow on purpose
Apple recognizes that it makes the older iPhone slow on purpose

For several weeks, some users started a debate on the Internet ensuring that with each new operating system update (especially with iOS 11), their phones worked worse and worse, that is, some opened applications or executed different tasks much slower in comparison with the previous version of the operating system.

Many users accused Apple of slowing down the iPhone to force them in a certain way to buy a new device, however, the company refused to comment on this situation. But today, an Apple spokesman has stated the following:

“Our goal is to offer the best experience to our users, which includes maintaining the overall performance and lifespan of their devices. Lithium-ion batteries perform worse in situations of extreme temperatures, when they have low charge or also with the degradation of time, which can result in sudden shutdowns of the device to protect its electronic components.

Last year we launched a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to soften the instant peaks only when necessary and prevent the device from shutting down unexpectedly during these conditions. Now we extend that function to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2 and plan to add support for other products in the future. ”

Apple mentioned that it is true that older iPhones are slower with the new iOS updates, but all this is (according to the company) for the benefit of users, because over time the quality of lithium ion batteries It wears out, which causes smartphones to suddenly turn off when they execute tasks that use a lot of system resources, or when the temperature increases.

This means that Apple is limiting the older models of the iPhone to counteract the effect of the degradation of the batteries over time and protect your phone from sudden power failures, or even accidents caused by the battery.

The Cupertino company has mentioned that the devices that currently have these limitations in their operation are:

  • iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2 version
  • iPhone 6s with iOS 10.2 version
  • iPhone SE with iOS 10.2 version
  • iPhone 7 with iOS version 11.2

Although Apple has admitted that it has made this decision to avoid some problems with the older iPhone in the market, it is curious that the brand does not offer as a viable solution to change the battery of older iPhones to avoid performance loss , in this way any user could decide if he prefers to change the battery and not have performance problems, or keep the same battery but know the consequences of it.

Do you think that Apple’s decision to reduce the performance of their older phones is correct?


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