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Apple recommends you not to talk with the phone to your head, but it is not the only one


smartphone talkAlthough today’s smartphones are used for countless tasks, they are still phones that we use to make calls, and the usual thing when we call or call is to take the phone to your ear, the use of hands-free is becoming more common, but not so much.

Now imagine that you are browsing the legal documentation of your newly purchased iPhone X and you find yourself with the following sentence: “To reduce exposure to radio frequencies, use a hands-free option, such as the built-in speaker, the provided headphones or other similar accessories” . It seems that they are telling us that putting the phone to our heads is dangerous, right? But no, it is a legal recommendation that is included in countless devices with wireless connectivity.

Do not panic, you can call without fear

The debate about the danger of radio frequencies emitted by mobile phones is not new to smartphones. The paranoia that mobile phones cause cancer began in the late nineties, a theory that has been denied on numerous occasions. However, although mobile phones do not pose a health risk, they must meet a series of requirements.

The legislation sets specific limits for the specific absorption rate (SAR) that telephone manufacturers must comply with. All these data are accompanied by a series of safety recommendations such as the suggestion to avoid carrying the phone attached to the body , a fact that is directly related to the distance at which the tests are carried out, but we insist that while it is within the legal limits, there is no danger of making a call with the cell phone stuck to your head.

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The problem arises when the information is misinterpreted and the recommendations are understood as a requirement, which is exactly what has happened with the iPhone 7, specifically the A1778 model. This version, very widespread in Europe and Asia, has a specific modem that generates a radio frequency emission different from that of other models in the series. Here is an extract of the legal document :

The specific absorption coefficient (SAR) refers to the rate of absorption of radio frequencies of the body. Maximum SAR values ​​are 1.6 watts per kilogram for countries with a maximum average greater than 1 gram of tissue and 2 watts per kilogram for countries with a maximum average greater than 10 grams of tissue. During the tests, the radio frequencies of the iPhone have been adjusted to transmit with the maximum power level and the device has been placed in positions that simulate the usual use directed towards the head, without separation, and close to the body, with a separation of 5 mm.

Additional SAR limits may apply depending on the dimensions of the device.

To reduce exposure to radio frequencies, use a hands-free option, such as the built-in speaker, the supplied headphones, or other similar accessories. Transport the iPhone at a minimum distance of 5 mm from the body to guarantee a level of exposure that does not exceed the tested levels. The covers with metallic pieces can change the behavior of the radiofrequencies of the device, as well as its compliance with the guidelines of exposure to radio frequencies. The use of the device in contact with metal parts has not been tested or certified.

The Androidpit blog came across this document and assumed that Apple was telling us that we could not use the mobile like every neighbor. “This is strange, a phone that you should not put in your ear?” they wonder.

However, if we look for the same document for other models of iPhone 7 we find exactly the same warning , and the same happens with previous models such as iPhone 6 or iPhone 5. In all of them, Apple recommends us not to take the mobile phone unless 5 millimeters of our body, although if we go further back, for example on the iPhone 4 told us it was better to take it 10 millimeters away (because the tests were conducted at that distance).

But there is more, other brands such as SamsungHuawei or LG also include recommendations of this type in the legal documentation of their products and, as we said, there are similar warnings on almost any wireless device for personal use. So if you have an iPhone 7 model A1778 you have nothing to worry about that your phone is totally safe.


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