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Apple’s navigation system for autonomous vehicles


According to Apple’s new patent, called “Autonomous Navigation System”, navigation within the autonomous vehicles of the future will be easier and more efficient. The Cupertino company plans to reduce the need to constantly remake detailed maps.

Autonomous vehicles with Apple navigation system

Apple is working on this idea since 2015, so it would be linked to the announcement that Tim Cook gave in June on the new Artificial Intelligence project and leaving aside the creation of a vehicle to focus on the creation of software for cars.

apple lexus self driving
apple lexus self driving


Many of the autonomous vehicle systems make use of maps and sensors to identify information in real time of the elements that change day by day, but the Apple system could improve the route of the cars.

Apple software would learn from our manual driving, so it will have the ability to remember our routes and thus offer the best experience when using the autonomous system of the vehicle. Of course it will be supported by LIDAR sensors, cameras and other elements that allow you to see the journey but will not be the basis for the journey, just a support.

Unfortunately there is not much information about this new patent but it gives us an idea that Apple prepares the best Artificial Intelligence technology for a vehicle.


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