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Apps for our children to learn math and also have fun



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Apps for our children to learn math and also have fun

ins and for some of our children the confrontation with mathematics returns. A subject that can be boring and with which sometimes they are blocked since they are very small. Currently we can find apps that help them improve their knowledge and also to have fun with this subject.

Many teachers and experts are also asking for a redesign of the mathematics content. Students spend too much time learning to calculate by hand. There is a big gap between the mathematics taught in school and the use that is made of them in daily life.

Having difficulties in this matter becomes a torture for many students. “Mathematics is often the touchstone of” school failure “, especially in the Secondary Stage: most of the international studies indicate that between 40% and 60% of students in this stage do not reach an minimum functional level in mathematics to respond to the demands and demands of the social environment “, according to the study  Difficulties learning the calculation .

This should not be the case since each student should have the possibility to develop their intelligences at school. “The aim of the school should be to develop intelligences and help people achieve their vocational goals and hobbies to suit their particular spectrum of intelligence”, according to author Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

New paths for the teaching of mathematics

In the PISA 2015 report, published by the OECD, the head of the mathematics score is obtained by countries such as countries of Asian origin as well as Estonia, Switzerland, Canada and Finland. In countries like China, unlike Europe, the meaning is explained and all kinds of manipulative material is used, some as old as the abacus. Other countries such as Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Austria or Ireland are promoting educational programs to improve the learning of mathematics from the childhood stage.

The key is in the personalization of the learning, its visualization, the change in the mentality of the teachers and in setting aside a little the calculation in benefit of other learning’s like statistics or probability. In Spain we are still far from these new methods but new paths are being opened for the learning of this subject. One of them is the appearance of apps that promise to improve the ability of students in this subject for children, primary and secondary students. Applications with which our children learn by playing. We are going to mention five of the best known but we encourage you to find the most suitable apps for your child.

1. Smartick

One of the best known is Smartick that aims to stimulate the student with continuous challenges adapted to their level. An application for children from 4 to 15 years old and that promises an improvement in student grades with only 15 minutes a day. They focus on ensuring that no student is left with any conceptual gap, such as multiplication tables, which may hinder their learning. Adapts tasks continuously to the highest level of student competence.

2. 10 Multiplication monkeys

A fun and simple application to learn multiplication tables. Designed by a Finnish company is designed as a video game with different levels that must be overcome. It is available in three languages: English, German and Spanish.

3. Math Jump

Also developed by a Nordic company NordicEdu is also created as a videogame. Encourage children to review concepts while helping the protagonist, a kind of robot with spring legs. Students have to overcome levels by performing arithmetic operations.

4. Intermatia

It offers interactive exercises that once solved, correct themselves. If the problem is not well solved, your software shows the different options to solve it step by step. A gamified method that motivates them to practice. In 2016 they won the prize for Best Online Learning Method in SIMO EDUCACIÓN.

5. The king of mathematics

An application aimed at Secondary students compatible with all types of devices. It allows students to ascend from farmer to king by displaying all their mathematical skills. Students must demonstrate their knowledge of calculus, arithmetic, geometry, fractions, equations and even statistics.


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