Home Technology Are you affected by Intel’s failure? This program tells you

Are you affected by Intel’s failure? This program tells you


Are you affected by Intel's failure? This program tells you

advanced Intel’s microprocessor and peripheralsThe critical vulnerability discovered in IntelAMD and ARM processors affects computers of all operating systems, and even Android phones. The commitment to user safety is so serious that all companies work hard to offer a solution.

Regardless of your system, you can already check if yourcomputer with Intel processor is vulnerable with a tool published by the brand. It is a program that you can download for free from your website.

The file in question is a compressed file that you must unzip with WinRAR or other alternatives. Once you have it, open the DiscoveryTool.GUI folder and run the .exe file. That in Windows; in Linux you must unzip the tag.gz.

For now there is no Intel tool to compromise if your MacBook or iMac with macOS is a victim of error 00086.

These Intel errors are not just from this manufacturer, but affect several. Its solution is complicated for several reasons, mainly due to the fact that the developers of the operating system are in charge of giving it a solution.

For now Microsoft has already released the first of the patches for Windows, although it only solves one of the two vulnerabilities. It’s a matter of time before they all get through, but for now we know that Intel Kernel, AMD and ARM are filtering information that can put your data on a hacker.

Once they hit the key, the second problem will come, this time without solution: some PCs could be up to 30% slower in certain tasks, and that is something that will undoubtedly annoy the users who paid their good money for a chip of more power.


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