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Are you looking for videos or music? FilePursuit is ‘the Google’ of these files


Yes,  Google is a  search engine where we can find almost anything that comes to mind and that is obviously on the Internet. But if what we want is to look  for multimedia files such as photos and images, videos and music, then it is not so simple. And if we want to look for  applications , the task is also complicated to a great extent. For that,  FilePursuit is a perfect alternative.

FilePursuit is a search engine like so many others that are available on the Internet, but  specialized in file localization. It works the same as Google in that it is responsible for creating  an Internet index, so to speak. The difference is that the results of the searches we do will be solely and exclusively  photographs and images, videos, music and applications. In addition, we have it available for the web browser from any device, but also has  an Android version.

FilePursuit, a simple way to search multimedia files and applications

Google is the best way to find  news, articles and any type of text content. But  FilePursuit has a completely different approach, which is the search and location of files. Although it is the multimedia content – photographs, images and video –what we will find more in this unique search engine, the truth is that with it we can also  find and download APKs for applications for Android devices, in addition to  electronic books in EPUB format – ebooks-.

The only recommendation for FilePursuit users, as with  Aptoide , is that if you use the platform to  download Android applications, take certain precautions. The sources they can come from are diverse, and not all of them should be 100% reliable. Therefore, users should be cautious and use an  antivirus on the Android device, or check where the application installation file comes from.

As for the rest of the multimedia content,  FilePursuit is especially interesting if we like to watch video in its original version. Locate content here in Spanish, or subtitled, it can be quite more complicated. As with ebooks, which are scarce in Spanish.



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