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As of June 2018 Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive motorcycles (yes, they also had it forbidden)

As of June 2018 Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive motorcycles
As of June 2018 Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive motorcycles

The Middle East is not the best place to look for gender equality. Being a woman is not easy in Saudi Arabia and one of the fundamentalist prohibitions that surround the female gender is not being able to ride a motorcycle. Luckily for the residents in the Islamic country this ban will be lifted and women will be able to drive motorcycles again.

In case you did not know, not all women in the world can carry motorcycles, in fact very recently we counted that two women were arrested in Iran for riding a motorcycle, although in reality the problem of that occasion was that they did surrounded by men in an improper attitude, without behaving in the way expected of a woman… according to the sharia.

Summer of 2018: first licenses for women since 1957

As of June 2018, a normative reform hosted by King Salmán bin Abdulaziz will take the Saudi Directorate General of Traffic to allow women to drive cars, trucks and also motorcycles in a gesture to reduce the repressive profile of your government.

The Decree by which the traffic law will be amended tries to return equality at least in terms of traffic, although on the other hand, drivers who are involved in a traffic accident or violate traffic regulations will be processed through centers specific in which all the staff will be women. It is his way of understanding equality.

Iran Woman Motorbike

The initiative comes to be united to others taken in the same sense in an attempt to move away the focus of the repression and the criticisms to the Islamic country on the repression of rights in general and on the repression towards the feminine gender in particular. Starting this summer at least they will be able to enter three sports stadiums and they will be able to go to the cinema.

East, you used to molabas

In reality, the East was not that radical when it comes to women’s rights. Until 1979 they were quite Westernized countries in terms of lifestyle and treatment that women received. Yes, they had their religious and cultural things, but you just have to take a look at their dress in the 70s to realize that they have walked in the wrong direction .

They could live as any woman could do in the West four decades ago (or at least do it optionally since the veil was not mandatory), until excessive Westernization was the sufficient excuse for populism to collect all the wrath of society and channel it in the form of the Islamic revolution , unleashed on September 8, 1978 after the government turned the dissolution of a demonstration into a massacre.

Iran 1960

This restructuring led by Ayatollah Khomeini turned a social, economic and political concern into a debacle against anything that had a certain Western scent, including freedom of worship, freedom of expression and many other rights along the way, including the rights of women.

Sharia reinterpreted the Qur’an and it became the way to control the whole society of the Middle East in a repressive and implacable way, to the point of not having the right to defense in a trial, the existence of the death penalty and the arrests because.

Little by little, the Orient becomes permeable to criticism and is influenced by common sense, especially through citizen mobilization and a people aware of globalization who believe that their norms leave them in a bad place. From now on we hope that the rulers continue taking steps, but this time in the appropriate direction.


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