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At what age are men more unfaithful?


There are those who are faithful believers of monogamy and others who defend completely what they consider the nature of man: infidelity. Are we designed to be infidels? Or can we be monogamous if we put effort into it? It will always be the discussion and for those women who choose to distrust this is the age at which men are more likely to be unfaithful.

According to the website salud180, men tend to be more infidels in what is known as the crisis of middle age, that is, when they are in a period between 39 and 49 years of age. The reason? Among the various causes is the fact that they begin to feel old and for that reason they want to have one or another “canita al aire” with a woman who makes them feel rejuvenated, to give them back those sensations that are so characteristic of the young years.

But as the aforementioned portal highlights, there are several reasons why men are infidels, since this is not only due to the search for youth. There are other factors that intervene enough in the fact that her husband wants to find another woman, among these, the lack of affection stands out. When the monotony and custom have made their little details are lost as highlight the attractiveness of the other, the ‘arrunchis’ in the mornings, strive to look good, innovate in sex… Anyway. If a man finds a woman who gives him all that you have not given him, he will most likely fall into infidelity.

On the other hand, having an adventure becomes a way to break with the routine, that is, it becomes a motivation. Family and work responsibilities become a difficult burden to arrive sooner or later, so an infidelity becomes something new, motivating that gives energy. Something that helps copes with these daily pressures, which gives pleasure and comfort.


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