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United States joins the United Kingdom in its rejection of homeopathy

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has announced blunt measures against many homeopathic products because, in addition to being ineffective, they are harmful.

Thus the United States joins the United Kingdom and other countries in its encirclement to this pseudoscience invented a hundred years ago that has not shown evidence of being better than any placebo (and if it were to prove it, it would cast doubt on the most elementary established physics).

FDA and homeopathy

The administration will thus pursue those products for the treatment of serious diseases, products aimed at “vulnerable populations” and therapies that are applied topically or orally. According to the FDA statement:

In recent years, we have seen a big spike in products labeled homeopathic that are marketed for a wide range of diseases and conditions, from the common cold to cancer. In many cases, people can put their trust and money in therapies that can provide little or no benefit in the fight against serious ailments or, what is worse, can cause significant and even irreparable damage because the products are poorly manufactured or they contain active ingredients that are not properly tested or disclosed to patients.

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Recently, the National Health Service of the United Kingdom also published a document in which it asked its doctors not to prescribe numerous products, including homeopathy.

The proposal based its decision on a report made in 2010 by the Committee of Science and Technology of the House of Commons, which concluded that “the use of homeopathy is not based on evidence and the benefit is due to the placebo effect.”

In Spain, the National Health System does not cover the prescriptions of homeopathy, since it is required that the treatments to be financed have scientific evidence.

Homeopathy was invented (or taken out of the hat) by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the eighteenth century. Currently, its foundations are not only nonsense from the point of view of physics and medicine, but to prove that it works, several decades of accumulated scientific knowledge should be rewritten. That would deserve a Nobel prize, at least or two.

Finally, the consumption of homeopathy is free. What is sought to achieve with these measures is that homeopathy does not sneak into medical dispensaries as if it were a proven product more, when it is not (which forces the consumer to be informed about what he is taking to discover if try or not a scam).

However, it is ironic that homeopathy has become fashionable, such as the rejection of vaccination: cool postmodernism or the current cultural relativism, when it disagrees with any technological or scientific progress, does not seem to prefer to improve it, but rather to go back to the Middle Ages.


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