Home Technology AT&T launches a drone with Internet connection in Puerto Rico

AT&T launches a drone with Internet connection in Puerto Rico

AT&T launches a drone

AT&T has deployed a drone that provides a connection to Puerto Rico.

Nearly seven weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, 47.8 percent of the population still has no connection to a cell phone tower, according to the most recent statistics from the Federal Communication Commission.

Therefore, AT & T announced on Monday the deployment to Puerto Rico of a drone that has the ability to connect a telephone on the ground to the carrier’s LTE cellular network.

Normally, wireless companies send portable cell towers on wheels (called “cells on wheels”) to areas where Internet connections are needed. However, in Puerto Rico the hurricane damaged many of the roads on the island, so AT & T decided to send a drone with which it “experiences providing data, voice and text services to customers,” the operator said in a press release.

The drone, which can fly 200 feet above the ground, will deploy an Internet connection over an area of 40 square miles. This will help populations in rural and remote areas communicate with their loved ones.

With its drone in Puerto Rico, AT & T joins Facebook and Google, which have also taken their technology to provide Internet to remote areas in Puerto Rico. According to AT & T, the drone is currently in San Juan and will be moved to support other locations such as the military hospital at the Manatí Coliseum.


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