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Bad ‘tech’ habits that you must leave in 2018

Bad ‘tech’ habits that you must leave in 2018

Let’s be honest, we all have pretty bad habits when we talk about technology, which can make our lives a real nightmare.

Therefore, we are going to give a review of the worst we have to leave behind to start 2018, in order to improve, in a certain sense, our way of life.

1.- Do not take pictures of everything

A few years ago, renowned musicians, in their concerts, prohibited their audience from taking their cell phones to record or take pictures. And it is true, it turns out that sometimes we miss big moments because of this obsession to record everything with the phone. On your way to school or work, for example, do not go looking at a screen, better observe what happens around you, you will surely find more of a surprise.

2.- Clean your equipment outside

Is not it a little annoying to use the phone and that it’s all stained, or grab control of the console full of fat from the potatoes that your friend has just eaten? It’s easy to keep your devices clean, and it’s also cheap: buy some special wipes for it, they do not cost more than 40 pesos at Best Buy or Office Depot, and you can take them anywhere.

3.- It does not hurt that you also do it inside

How long have you not checked your documents? As you should do in your closet, from time to time it performs a debugging of your computer and eliminates unnecessary files (incidentally, you will free up a bit of space). We also recommend putting order in your folders to know what you have and where. Avoid saving files on the desktop: in addition to slowing down your PC, it’s like when you put dirty clothes on the treadmill.

4.- Back up your information

Always try to back up your documents and projects on an external disk. You never know when your computer may fail and how much repair will go. If you are dedicated to 3D modeling, animation, audiovisual editing, design or something similar, it is also advisable to save versions of your projects.

5.- Take care of your health

First of all, sit correctly. You do not know how much damage you are doing to your column if you do not do it that way. Sit upright, in a well-lit place.

If you use a laptop, do not put it in your lap. The heat emitted by the equipment can cause burns, and in the case of men, affect the production of sperm.

It is also important to take a break from time to time, your eyes will thank you, and who knows, even and you can think of a new idea for what you were “blank.”

6. Goodbye recycled passwords

In a world with dozens of social networks and services that ask you to create a profile, it is practically impossible to remember a different password for each one. The problem is that if, for some reason, your password falls into the wrong hands, you run a great risk. To avoid this, in the application stores there are different password managers (check those that have good comments from users).

7.- An account for many users?

If there is only one computer at home, the worst thing you can do is use the same account for all users. You run the risk that the smallest can erase important information. The solution is simple, create a profile for each of the people who will use the equipment, and if you are worried about the things that children can see on the Internet, you can always set parental safety parameters.

8.- Do not take the cell phone on the table

Perhaps, one of the worst habits we have and we have not been able to change is to take the cell phone on the table. It is a clear example of how technology can separate us and connect at the same time. Do not do it, enjoy the company of others.

9.- Stay updated

If you want to prevent your phone or computer from working properly, update the applications and operating system as much as possible. Sometimes, these updates fix security or performance issues. It is true that there will come a time when the hardware will be exceeded, but it is not a pretext to not keep up.

10.- Restart your devices

Have you ever wondered why your phone slows down? One of the reasons is for the amount of garbage you keep. To improve the performance of your devices a bit, it is recommended that you restart them at least once a week.


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