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Bang & Olufsen updates its audio range with the Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i wireless headphones

the Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i wireless headphones
the Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i wireless headphones

The well-known brand Bang & Olufsen is once again launching new headphones to expand its catalog. A launch that coincides with CES 2018 in Las Vegas and with which they expand their catalog as far as audio products are concerned with two new models of wireless headphones.

This is the Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i with which we are facing a brand headphones that arrive to satisfy those users who seek quality sound but without being limited by a cable in their daily activity. Two models that arrive to update the features of the Beoplay H8 and Beoplay H9.

In the headphones Beoplay H9i and Beoplay H8i highlights the adoption of a new aesthetic of pure lines and the innovative Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound. We will see each one of them and they contribute with respect to the models that precede them.

Beoplay H9i

Beoplay H9i

The Beoplay H9i are a circumaural type wireless headphones made of luxurious materials. The headband has a solid and lightweight aluminum frame covered with embroidered calfskin, anodized aluminum discs, and under lambskin pads, cushions with memory foam to facilitate adaptation to the shape and curve of the ear.

They have an improved active noise cancellation thanks to the active cancellation of hybrid noise that allows to work better in frequencies ranging between 300 and 800 Hz. In addition, the sound has been improved by adding a bass port that guarantees optimal and more powerful bass.

Beoplay H9i 4

As far as the ease of use is concerned, they have a proximity sensor that pauses the reproduction of music when we take off our helmets, starting again when we put them back on. In this sense it is worth highlighting the option offered to pair them with two devices at the same time, avoiding having to disconnect one device to connect another.

And since they do not use cables, we have to talk about autonomy. The Beoplay H9i offer up to 18 hours with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation, improving the performance of the Beoplay H9 in four hours. In addition, we have added an additional microphone dedicated to improving the quality of the voice.

Beoplay H8i

Beoplay H8i 2

The Beoplay H8i is an update of the classic Beoplay H8 . In this sense, the new model offers a more contemporary and lighter look, something that is achieved with the use of anodized aluminum discs used with the aureolas.

The Beoplay H8i have control buttons on each handset instead of the touch controls on the Beoplay H9i. They have active noise cancellation, which can be deactivated with just one click.

Beoplay H8i

How in their older siblings have a proximity sensor that is responsible for pausing the playback of music or video when we take off the helmets returning to start when we put them back. They can also be connected to two devices at the same time.

With regard to autonomy, this has been improved over the Beoplay H8, achieving in the new model a range of up to 30 hours with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation on.

Customizable parameters

Both the Beoplay H8i and the Beoplay H9i can be adapted to the needs of users. For this and how it is becoming more common, you have to use a specific application, in this case the Beoplay App available for Android, iPhone and Apple Watch.

With this we can adjust the tone and sound by means of the different sound profiles specific to Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i that seek to adjust to different types of activities (sports, reading, listening to podcasts…)

Price and availability

The Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i will be available from January 25, 2018 in two colors: Natural and Black. The prices for both models are 399 euros for the Beoplay H8i and 499 euros for the Beoplay H9i.


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