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Before Christmas is thrown on you, give away phones and accessories from our Bargain Hunting

Before Christmas is thrown on you
Before Christmas is thrown on you

It is here, we have already reached the ecuador of the month of December and the deadline for making the last Christmas purchases is approaching. Unless you want to go out in a hurry to buy things on December 24, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Padre en Apuros, it’s time to start placing orders. And if they are mobile phones and accessories, better than better.

As every Friday, we bring you our selection of Hunting Bargains. Offers in mobile phones and accessories with a special predominance of direct brands from China. The Chinese is fashionable at this end of the year but you will also find some Nokia or Motorola to put you in the mouth. So, without further ado, let’s start with the offers.

Smartphones on offer

Huawei Y6 Pro
  • Huawei Y6 Pro: One of the latest creations of Huawei is the Y6 Pro, a phone with a power more than acceptable for the price that is usually moving normally but here we find a substantial reduction. For less than 100 euros, specifically for 99 euros, we will have it in Gearbest using the sphuawei code. A greedy offer.
  • LeEco Le Pro 3: The brand may be almost bankrupt but that has not prevented LeEco, before LeTV, leaving us some phones worthy of mention. Like this Le Pro 3 that comes back to us from Gearbest at a price of 144.39 euros. To buy it at that price you just need to use the code splestv and ready, discount applied.
  • Xiaomi Mi 6: The one that, with permission of the opinion that many have on the Mi Mix 2, is the most powerful and complete phone of Xiaomi appears at a quite interesting price. Of course, it arrives from Gearbest but it supposes a reduction of 118 on its official price, practically 33% less. You have to take advantage of it, do not you think? 331.26 euros with the code MI6XGB.
  • iPhone 6s Plus 32GB: Apple had to go through here because their phones are always among the most sought after and most sought after. This time it is MediaMarkt that places it at 569 euros in both space gray and silver. A couple of clicks if we already have an account and ready, to a box under the tree.
  • Huawei P10 Lite: The week of Huawei in Phone House had to be noticed and thanks to it we have P10 Lite, the younger brother of the leader of the P line this year, for only 239 euros. No doubt a phone more than attractive for the price that just placed. Take a look.
  • Huawei P8 Lite 2017: And as the last direct price of PhoneHouse, one of the revelations of the beginning of 2017. The renewal, without change of name, of the successful P8 Lite. This 2017 version can be added to the list of our belongings for 169 euros. And remember that this price will only last until the end of the week.
Nokia 8
  • Huawei P10: And we were saying that the last Huawei coming from PhoneHouse was the P8 Lite because its offer on this P10 has been surpassed by Amazon. The giant of the electronic commerce has to one of the members of the head of catalog of the Eastern manufacturer by 439 euros. One click or two and for home.
  • Nokia 8: The one that for now is the most powerful phone that Nokia has ever made has become silly on Amazon. The year ends and we have before us the best opportunity to get a Nokia 8. Only 419 euros and can be ours. Maybe a somewhat higher price considering the other alternatives, but a great purchase without a doubt.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4X : There was still a phone from Xiaomi to look at our offers and it is the Redmi 4X. The creature of the Chinese manufacturer recently arrived in Spain and other regions is at our reach for only 121.23 euros in Lightinthebox. A complete and fluid telephone and an offer that will make us doubt. And who knows if it will not make us buy it.
  • Motorola Moto G5 Plus: And we closed the list of phones on offer with the Motorola Moto G5 Plus. It is not the S model but it is still a mid-range worthy of mention, and one of those that has been a candidate for the best mid-range of this year 2017. If we were looking for it or if we doubted its high price, the Moto G5 Plus gets at 199.99 euros on Amazon.

Accessories on offer

  • Samsung EVO Plus 128GB: We usually recommend microSD cards with lower capacity because they tend to be the most attractive in terms of offers, but we could not pass this Samsung EVO Plus of 128GB. An SDXC card that offers us more than enough capacity to store photographs, videos, movies, series and everything that comes to mind. At 50 euros, without decimals, on Amazon.
Sparin Bluetooth headset
  • SPARIN Bluetooth headset: Since sport is in vogue and Bluetooth connectivity is on the rise, it’s a good time to get your hands on these SPARIN with noise cancellation, IPX7 protection so you do not suffer from sweat and get stuck in your ear to offer better support. From Amazon to 26.99 euros.
  • Aukey Magnetic stand: A support to place the phone in the vents of the car and that we already had circling by a bargain hunting previous. For only 7,01 euros can be ours at Amazon.

More offers? In Purchase

If after all this our Friday section falls short, you can stay up-to-date and at all times informed of the main offers with our shopping mates. You can see all the bargains they post on Twitter and Facebook, and even subscribe to their ads via Telegram.

Note: some of the links published here are affiliated. In spite of this, none of the aforementioned articles have been proposed either by the brands or by the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors.


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