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Belay, the invisible paint that will protect your furniture

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If you are used to protecting your electronic gadgets, you might also want to protect some of the beautiful furniture in your home. Good news, today there is an invisible painting also made of protective film. This is Belay.

As a child, you may have already played drying glue on your fingers to peel it like a second skin. Belay works exactly the same way. Once dry, it forms a protective film on the surface it covers and protects small bumps, scratches and other small traces synonymous with daily use.

This painting works on surfaces such as wood, tiles, ceramics and even some stones, especially granite. To test, obviously, before coating it on all your furniture, if only to check that it works well as announced! Belay paint is rather inefficient on porous surfaces.

And as the protective film on the screen of your smartphone, you are supposed to remove the one from the painting Belay every few months to avoid the risk of it sticking permanently.

If you are interested, know that Belay exists in two models – totally transparent or slightly matifying effect – and it will cost about $ 145 a bottle. And as if all this was not enough, the site that sells it delivers for the time being only in Japan.


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