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Believe it or not, we come from this rat-shaped animal

This is the oldest ancestor of humans we know so far.

The evolution of the human being is one of the scientific fields that have generated the most debate throughout different epochs. Thanks to the new methods we are gradually approaching the deepest knowledge of our ancestors, although from time to time we take surprises in the form of unexpected discoveries, such as the one that has just been made by several British scientists.

One of them, on a walk along the so-called Jurassic Coast, due to the large number of fossils that have been found in it, found remains of teeth belonging to some type of mammal. He took them to the laboratory and there, with the help of several colleagues, they identified exactly from which animal the dental pieces originated.

A mammal 145 million years ago

To the surprise of everyone, without eating or drinking it, Grant Smith, the protagonist of the discovery, had just found a pair of teeth belonging to the oldest human ancestor known to date. Said animal, a fairly evolved mammal; He lived with the dinosaurs for a long time.

Said creature is not only the ancestor of the human being, but of a good part of the current mammals. At some point in the 145 million years that have elapsed since he lived on Earth, he began to divide his evolution into several different species.

Little is known about this Cretaceous mammal, beyond its possible appearance. Scientists believe that it was a small animal, hairy and shaped like what is now a rat, probably nocturnal. In addition, thanks to the wear of the teeth it can be conjectured that they lived for many years, something that in an environment plagued by predators may mean that their intelligence was greater than one would expect.

For now it is the oldest mammal fossil ever found. In theory, there is another one of 160 million years old that was found in China, although paleontologists do not agree about the nature of that animal.


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