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Benefits of sleeping at work

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Benefits of sleeping at work

Sure you laugh because it happened to you. But sometimes we can not avoid being sleepy around 2 o’clock in the afternoon or after lunch, between the pig’s disease and the hours you’ve already been sitting, it’s almost impossible not to yawn or fall asleep (if not it has happened to you, it has happened to your partner).

Just as there are times when your energy is everywhere and you do not even know how to handle it, there are times when there is no power to lift you from your chair or energy that allows you to open your eyes. Well do not feel bad, because maybe a 20-minute nap at work will wake you up more productive and with recharged energy.

The important thing is not to challenge nature, if you are sleepy, you have it. Do not drink two or even three cups of coffee because -which seems strange- you can get tired more and by the way, do not let them call you a jerk or loose, your body is asking you for a break and maybe it’s not sleeping, you may only need 20 minutes without working, without watching the computer, or Facebook.

The body operates under the circadian rhythm, and when it asks for sleep, that is needed. If you do not give it, you are going against nature.

Tips to achieve it:

1. Tell your work team that you will take a break

2. Preferably, do it after eating

3. Get in a quiet room or in a secluded place

4. Do not sleep more than 20 minutes to avoid falling into a deep sleep and then wake up with more sleep


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