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Bitcoin in the crosshairs of hackers, a big booty


The Bitcoin virtual currency is placed in the cross hairs of the hackers, being a great booty. The website Bitfinex has reported in the last few hours to have been attacked through DDoS, causing the website to crash due to the thousands of requests made by affected users, who fear losing their money due to not being able to make their monetary transactions.

The unstoppable rise of virtual currencies  has caught the attention of hackers, who have seen in Bitcoin an opportunity to get a lot of money, while economists show their concern about the matter. No wonder: the Bitcoin bubble is growing in such a way that they are even buying virtual kittens in the CryptoKitties game.

For those who do not know, Bitfinex is one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges. With the implementation of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, hackers seek to prevent users from accessing the platform by sending multiple information flows that cause the server to overload and stop providing service.

The worrying thing is that it is not the first time that your security is violated. In the last days the computer attacks are happening. The company’s Twitter account is the channel used to communicate what happened.

Everything indicates that it is a pirate attack to undermine Bitcoin. Although it is also assessing the possibility of a drop in service to an increase in demand by users interested in buying and selling Litecoin, the other cryptocurrency that is growing. In fact, even its creator has been forced to explain that buying it is dangerous.


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