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Blink: an IoT acquisition for Amazon facing the Google – Nest duo

Amazon has offered a start-up that markets, under the Blink brand, products for the connected home, including surveillance cameras.

Blink products
Blink products

Between Amazon and Immedia Semiconductor, the links now officially go beyond Alexa.

The group of Jeff Bezos confirmed to have gotten hands on this start-up of Boston which markets, under the brand Blink, surveillance cameras for the home.

Its first product, the young push had funded on Kickstarter, raising, in the summer of 2014, a little over a million dollars from some 7,000 Internet users.

Deliveries to these early investors started at the end of 2015, shortly before the commercial launch.

Immedia Semiconductor says it has sold, in 2016, 250,000 copies of this camera some features are controllable voice thanks to the Alexa assistant of Amazon.

Three products have been added to the catalog since then: another camera better equipped (Full HD, temperature sensor, infrared vision…), an alarm and a videophone.

On the roadmap are presence sensors, humidity or intercoms with digital code, with the aim of eventually offering a comprehensive offer of home protection.

As it stands, the business model is based entirely on camera sales, distributed for Europe, on Amazon France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom (third-party resellers, including Lowe’s, have recently loop in North America).

What changes under the Amazon era? None until further notice, ensures Immedia.

Difficult not to draw the parallel with the acquisition of Nest by Google.

The Mountain View company had put more than $ 3 billion on the table to seize early 2014, the start-up that also marketed products for the connected home. In this case, a “smart” thermostat and a smoke detector. Surveillance cameras have since been added to the range.


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