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Blockchain and cryptokitties are the key that opens the virtual world of the future

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Blockchain and cryptokitties are the key that opens the virtual world of the future

All companies claim to be in Blockchain today, but an important part of some managers only says it because it is fashion and because they do not want to be in evidence declaring being “out of the wave”.

But just as with the Internet we invented the wheel, that with Web 2.0 we made the wheel to be shot by all citizens, and now with Blockchain and the crypto-kitties we are literally going to reinvent that wheel (if they allow that license), but making a New tire model much more reliable and resistant. The cryptokitties have been a kind of virtual pseudo-game based on Blockchain, but it has also shown to have deep socio-economic implications. With this new reliable Blockchain wheel we will be able to do impossible things for the internet so far.

But what are cryptokitties?

Blockchain And Cryptokitties Are The Key That Opens The Virtual World Of The Future 2

Our genbeta colleagues wrote this article explaining in detail that fever of cryptokitties (or crypto-kittens in Spanish), which invaded Blockchain a few weeks ago, amounting to an amazing 3.5% of the total transactions with Ethereum . Come on, it was not a mere trend or a fad, it was literally a viral fever that shook Ethereum at the stroke of Ethers.

For those who do not have the desire or time to read the previous full article, I will summarize below the essential points to be able to follow the salmon analysis of today. The cryptokitties were kittens that were sold in the Ethereum network in exchange for Ethers, with the characteristic that they used the veracity of the Blockchain network to ensure that each unique kitten was owned by its owner, who had previously bought or exchanged it. In turn, our virtual pets could reproduce and have more kittens that could be equally sold.

Thanks to the magic of Blockchain and the algorithm that implements the cryptokitties, each kitty is unique and only 100% belongs to you: thanks to the technology of distributed accounting, nobody can take it away from you. Nor can it be cloned or destroyed. But you can exchange or sell it for Ethers. Just as each Ether or Bitcoin is unique, and the Blockchain technology ensures through its decentralized and distributed structure that belongs to whoever belongs at the moment, the cryptokitties are equally uniquely and distributedly verifiable and authenticable .

Apart from the more theoretical and formal considerations, in practice the reality is that a genuine crypto-market of totally virtual objects was created for the first time in history . And, things of the geeks more geeks, the anecdote is that this particular crypto-market, which was created specifically by this virtual pet buying and selling game, saw how some of these kittens came to be bought for 4,700 dollars. Almost nad.

And what is so socio-economically disruptive in a few simple virtual kittens?

Blockchain And Cryptokitties Are The Key That Opens The Virtual World Of The Future 3

Well there is, and a lot. As they said in this article of The Next Web, the cryptokitties have supposed to reinvent the internet. You know, reinventing the wheel that I told you before has finally been true and we say to reinvent because if there was something that supposed an economic problem in the original Internet, it was the capacity that the digital technologies had of being able to literally and unlimitedly clone any virtual object.

This supposed a serious limitation to generate on the internet a sustainable economic model, since they remember that the economy is the science of scarcity. If there is no shortage, there is no price. The very foundations of the most traditional economy were shaken, and with them they had to transform sectors and business models such as music, literature, etc. and now with Blockchain even the same money and… the cryptokitties.

But this digitization of money and kittens no longer meets that ability of the original Internet to replicate any virtual object as many times as wanted. There are precisely the repercussions that we consider most important after the fever the crypto-kittens, and that go beyond the consideration of the previous article of The Next Web.

From the cyberpunks of the nineties to the crypto-economy plus salmon

Blockchain And Cryptokitties Are The Key That Opens The Virtual World Of The Future 4

The critpo-kittens have managed to demonstrate how they can create unique virtual objects, but also, and here comes our contribution more salmon, have shown how economically you can create value with them in a 100% crypto-economic and virtual market. A crypto-value is created, now also totally virtual, but value at the end of the day, and really the type of value with the most vocation for the future currently.

Those cyberpunks born in the dawn of the internet, and who were the first to see the tremendously disruptive of the new tool of humanity, may feel disappointed with the cryptokitties. Those bit activists always saw that the internet was going to bring a revolution on many planes, including the economic one. Some even wanted to see, and even today in fact it has been (at least partially) in several business models, that the Internet could mean the abolition of private property.

The potentates of the current system, on the other hand, base a large part of their wealth on the hoarding of assets (and foreign liabilities), all of which revolves around private property. These economically privileged of the current system, will not be so happy with the new model that is approaching, since logically they prefer the most absolute stability, which allows them to keep their more than comfortable position. The digital economy is removing the foundations of socioeconomies, and that for those who benefit most from the current system is a great risk.

So neither for one nor for others. The crypto-kittens have revealed that we are not going to see the abolition of private property, but at the same time we are going to see the end of private property as we know it. The crypto-economy is not going to suppose a continuation of the current private property. It is a digital transformation more than the many we are already seeing, and will undoubtedly illuminate a new type of private property .

And not to mention the even more disruptive consequences that suppose that this new type of private property literally opens the door to a new virtual universe, as socioeconomic as the reality that it will contain . We already analyzed for you in the article “Socioeconomic keys on whether Elon Musk is right and we live in a Matrix simulation” how we can be living in an economic simulation.

Well, now also, with the cryptokitties, that simulation would be economically viable and sustainable. This really opened the door for us to create that theoretical paradox by which, from within a virtual simulation as we could be, we create a new simulation virtual subset of the previous one. There is nothing to think about tonight before going to sleep.

They will agree that now we are really seeing the new economy, and no, we have not chosen it voluntarily. This has been skillfully inoculated into our socioeconomic system by that enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto of whom we still know barely anything. Maybe he is a replicant fighting for the system in the style of Agent Smith of The Matrix, or maybe he is a friend of Neo and Trinity struggling to free us from the yoke of the hieratic world of the last centuries. In any case, what is clear is that knowing it in the end can be a simple matter of time.

Blockchain And Cryptokitties Are The Key That Opens The Virtual World Of The Future 5

What is clear is that humanity was totally wrong to call the new economy that primitive internet of the dawn network network, and that, by the way, also gave birth to that bubbling explosion of the “bubble .com. ” Now we realize that this was not the new economy as such, it was the stone age of the new economy, in which we still lived in the physical caverns of the most traditional economy of recent centuries, but with a simple new window to the future. We now begin a new era of humanity. Now a new (virtual) universe opens up before us, also economically and since it could not be otherwise in a new dimension of our existence, we involuntarily enter the terrain of the unknown. Good luck, to you and, above all, to your children if they have them.


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