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‘Broken’, ordagos of life against human conscience

broken 2017 tv series
broken 2017 tv series

Few fictions manage to address so many existential themes in a single plot as ‘Broken’ does. A torn story that puts the conscience of its characters to the test through stories in which religious faith and human values ​​are cornered. A magnificent British miniseries that flaunts a respectful sensibility at the same time that it exhausts narrative aggressiveness. A superb drama that removes the viewer and that will undoubtedly end the year as one of the best premieres of British series of 2017.

‘Broken’ has in the center of his plot Father Michael Kerrigan , a modern and rebellious Catholic priest who must be confidant, adviser and confessor of a congregation that struggles to reconcile his beliefs with the challenges of daily life. Each chapter will feature a member of their community who will come to ask for help at a time when life has put them between a rock and a hard place. All the stories are connected in some way, always revolving around Father Kerrigan, who will live in silence his own personal mourning.

An existential drama in which faith, conscience, morals and values ​​collide, reflecting on the ultimate essence of life and how the human being faces each crossroads. Plots in which things are not white or black. Situations in which values ​​struggle against the ultimate need of their protagonists. Painful stories that are not so far from those that reality gives us. ‘Broken’ is a splendid drama that makes the viewer reflect on the way we see life and face the blows of everyday life.

Technically ‘Broken’ is magnificent, with one of the best series openings of recent years. The script is round, not only because of the multitude of narrative layers it has, but also because of how well constructed this network of stories is interconnected with a single character at the center of them all. Added to this is a cast of height, with Sean Bean (‘Game of Thrones’) giving life to Father Kerrigan, and faces known as Anna Friel (‘Pushing Daisies’), Paula Malcomson (‘Ray Donovan’) and Adrian Dunbar (‘Line of Duty’).

‘Broken’ is one of the best dramas that has premiered British fiction this year. A fiction that does not disappoint, that removes inside, and that reflects on existential elements of life. A safe bet.


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