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Can I play sports with menstruation?

Can I play sports with Menstruation?
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The fact that once a month the rule comes to us can become annoying in our workouts, despite the fact that many advertisements show women doing handstands and bouncing with happiness. The sport is a good ally to alleviate the pains of menstruation and to make you forget momentarily that you have it.
Many women think that performing trainings with the rule is bad for our body, but they are very wrong. It is true that we can not carry the same level of intensity in the strongest days of the period, since the loss of blood and liquids can keep us low in energy.
In this article we are going to tell you about the benefits of exercising and how to take it in the best way.

Can I train?

The answer is affirmative. There is no reason why you should stay at home for 4-7 days during your period, but you can take a break the day you feel really low energy. Do not force your body and learn to listen to it.
Formerly it was said that sport affected the menstrual cycle and that it was detrimental to health. Science has shown that there is no link of one thing with another. It is possible that professional athletes who undergo hard and intense training, have irregularities in their cycle, but like a person under stress in their work can suffer. What is 100% sure is that your rule will not disappear or cut because you go to the gym or go for a run.

Benefits of sport in menstruation

Sport favors control of your mood changes . When we train, our body produces endorphins (hormones of happiness) and these act as natural analgesics in our body while providing us with better humor. Although it may seem contradictory, exercising gives us more energy. During the days of the period and up to a week later, your body generates hormones naturally producing more energy. And, even though you do not believe it because of your abdominal or head pain, your body is completely ready to do an exercise session.
Choose the physical activity that best suits you these days. Maybe you do not feel like running for 40 minutes or doing boxing, because bet on something more relaxed like yoga. Even swimming can serve to calm your body and reduce the pain of colic.
Of course, it is super important that you stay well hydrated. We know that you have the good habit of having your bottle of water handy, but especially these days will help you to reduce fluid retention and recompose to your body that you expel.

Tips to make it more bearable

We are not going to cheat, although it is a natural process, having menstruation is a bit of a pain. You have to be aware of tampons, pads or menstrual cups, you become a little obsessive to know if you’ve been spotted, you feel a little lower energy and you crave all the forbidden.
When it comes to sports, choose clothes a little more comfortable than usual. The fluid retention in those days is higher than normal and if we tighten up a lot we may notice our legs more tired. In addition, you will probably have a slightly swollen belly and it may be uncomfortable to feel the pressure of the mesh. It is not necessary that you go with a wide pants, use a few tight without being reducers for example.

Keep in mind that you may need extra protection while exercising. The most comfortable thing is to use tampons because they will not have contact with the outside and the walls of that area exert pressure to keep it in place. You can “quarte in health” also using a compress in case you suffer some loss in some movement.
Having menstruation is not a bad thing, and even if you suffer abdominal pain, do sport. Go for a walk, jog, ride a bike, do yoga… Avoid eliminating physical activity and reduce the intensity of your usual workouts if you feel loose.

What should I take during this monthly stage?

Our body undergoes hormonal and physical changes, fluid retentions are accentuated and blood is lost, so we must have a special diet during these days.

It is important that we add food with iron, since the blood is formed thanks to this mineral and we have to avoid falling into anemia. The calcium, pineapple and herbal teas will help with fluid retention. Above all, these last two having diuretic effects. Finally, bet on vitamin B6, which will stabilize our hormone levels.

Follow your usual diet and give yourself a little whim if you feel like it.


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