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Can not activate your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Here are some possible solutions


You just bought a new iPhone. You take it out of the box, put the SIM card, turn it on and the activation process begins. You set the language, the WiFi connection and it’s time to identify yourself with your Apple ID to activate the iPhone. So far so good, but the smartphone shows you a dreaded message “your iPhone could not be activated.” Terror!

Quiet, this message may appear for different reasons and the good news is that, almost always, the solution is very simple.

iPhone X
Can not activate your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Here are some possible solutions

There are different reasons that can make this error message appear on a newly purchased iPhone (it does not matter if it is an iPhone X, 8, 7 or any older version such as a 6s, 6, 5s, etc, etc…) and then we show you the most common

Main reasons why you can not activate your iPhone

The most common reasons why the activation of an iPhone fail are the following:

Apple activation server out of service

It is not usual, but in certain occasions (for example, the days of new releases of iPhone due to the massive volume of activations) the activation server of Apple may be out of service .

This service of the company is in charge of “answering” the calls of the devices that are being configured for the first time and to check that everything is correct (it is not marked as stolen, it does not have active the Activation Block function with another Apple ID, etc. , etc…).

The Cupertino firm offers real-time information about the status of all its services through this website , so if you are trying to activate your iPhone and it fails the first thing you can do is check its status.

 The iPhone has Activation Block active

The Activation Lock is a security measure that Apple implemented so that nobody can activate iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that have been stolen or lost.

While Searching my iPhone is active this function is also active, so that nobody can activate a device without first deactivating this function ; either from the device itself or from the iCloud website.

The computer does not have an Internet connection

Another quite common problem that makes the activation can not be completed is the lack of Internet connection .

In this case, the most repeated thing is that the WiFi connection you are using does not have Internet access at that moment or that the connectivity is too slow.

Common solutions to the problem of “Could not activate your iPhone”

Surely now that you know the most common reasons that make this message appear you will be imagining some solution. Anyway, in case you need them, here are the ones that are most likely to repair the problem:

Solution 1.- Wait a few minutes

Wait a few minutes

Yes, the first solution and the one that normally gives the best results is to wait a few minutes . This failure is related to connection failures with the activation servers of Apple, either due to a drop in service or due to not having a good Internet connection, so waiting a few minutes is usually enough.

With this wait, you give Apple time to reset its iOS device activation servers or your Internet company to reestablish the connection.

Solution 2.- Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Restart iPhone

It is not usual, but the activation failure may be caused by a failure in the device software . In this case, the best thing you can do is restart your device to stop all software processes and start them again.

The process to follow is different depending on the model of iOS device, in this article you can see the different ways to restart an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch .

Solution 3.- Deactivate the Activation Lock

Deactivate Activation Lock

In case you are trying to activate an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that has been used previously you must deactivate the Activation Lock.

To do this you must remove the device from Find my iPhone before the restoration or if you have already made it to access the iCloud account on a computer and remove it from the list of devices.

Solution 4.- Check your Internet connection

iPhone X web

Connect another device that is already active to the same Internet connection that you are using to activate the iOS device and try to access any web page. Does it load the web? Then the connection is working correctly, in case you can not access the web it is likely that the connection is failing .

Restart the router and after waiting a few minutes for the connection to be restored, repeat the previous test. If the problem persists, you will have to contact your telecommunications operator to review the problem.

Solution 5.- Make the activation from iTunes

Activate iPhone iTunes

If you have tried all of the above and the activation is still not complete, try to do so through iTunes.

For this, the first thing you should do is make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer and that the operating system is up to date .

Once you have verified this, connect the computer to the computer with the USB cable and follow the steps that iTunes indicates on the screen (in case the instructions do not appear automatically click on the icon that identifies the device to see the steps to follow.

Solution 6.- Contact Apple

Apple Store

If all of the above has failed our last recommendation is that you contact Apple directly . They will ask you to verify that you are the true owner of the equipment and they will guide you so that you can activate it or repair it in case you have a serious problem such as hardware failure.


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