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Cardio routine to do at home: 15 minutes of intense aerobics


Cardio routine to do at home: 15 minutes of intense aerobics

Young Attractive Smiling Woman Practicing YogaMaybe you’re the one who does not have time to go running or going to a gym… Do not worry! Include these exercises in a quick 15 minute routine to stay fit and stay healthy.


It is the high intensity cardiovascular exercise par excellence. You do not need much space, you can do it anywhere and they are highly effective.

You work strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. Through 4 simple movements you exercise all the muscles of the body.

1. Squat with hands on the ground and head up.

2. In a quick movement, move both legs backwards and stay in the ironing position.

3. Do a flex (or push-up) and return to the ironing position.

4. Stand up and make a jump with a slap in the air.

Make 3 sets of 20 burpees

Jumping jacks

With this exercise improvements agility and coordination in arms and legs. As in the previous exercise, the key is to do it quickly for better results.

In the starting position, open the legs to the width of the shoulders. Join your legs with a slight jump, while raising your arms at the same time so that both hands touch behind the head. The head is straight and the front view.

Make 3 series of 20 jumps

Iron with knees to the chest (movement of climber or mountain climber)

This exercise is effective to work the lower body train, in addition to helping you activate your metabolism.

To execute it, stand in iron position, hands stretched, back straight, toes well supported on the floor. The next step is to direct one of the legs towards the chest and alternate. That is, the leg that is stretched goes forward and so on.

Make 3 sets of 20 climbers with alternating legs

Skater jumps (skater exercise)

It is also known as an alternate leg jump or skater exercise by its name in English. With this cardio you work quadriceps, twins, buttocks and the middle area of ​​the body.

To begin this exercise, stand up with your legs slightly apart and your knees bent, your torso slightly tilted forward but your back straight.

Start the movement by jumping to the left side. Always land with the knee bent, pass the right leg behind, placing the foot behind the support leg.

Immediately after the right foot touches the floor, it jumps to the right side and repeats the movement alternately with one and the other leg.

Make 3 sets of 20 skaters each

Explosive lifts on knees (high knees)

It runs as if you were jogging, but raising the knees to chest height. This exercise is very effective in losing weight, and it is very easy to perform.

To do your knee lifts correctly place your feet across your hips and with your arms close to your body. Lift the left knee to the chest, exhaling and contracting the abdominals. At the same time, bend your elbows and bring your fists in front of your shoulders. Return to the starting position and repeat with the opposite leg.

Perform 3 sets of 20 alternating elevations


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