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China develops police station under artificial intelligence



We are not in Matrix, not yet, but robots continue to “steal our jobs” (in reality, this is only modernization; other jobs are being created in parallel, but let’s move on). Another profession has just been touched by this terrible threat, namely the police. Head to China where a post of said police will now be powered by artificial intelligence.

A new report on China highlights the creation of a human-free position on board! The goal is to help citizens by offering various services, from simple signals to driver exams via a simulator. Within this large-scale project, we find an advanced facial recognition technology developed by Tencent.

Notable benefit, as it will not be humans with needs and obligations – like a simple break – this station will be open to the public 24/24 and 7/7. To avoid drifting, citizens will have to use their face as a means of identification, hence the intervention of Tecent.

Premises today, however this type of system will become more and more common. Indeed, Apple has already taken the lead, not that the apple decides the market, but when a brand of this size opts for these options effectively, the competition follows logically.

Concretely, people will not have to fill out forms or use a plethora of connections via applications to connect to the terminal. Image recognition will collect all the information needed to help them.

This is an interesting concept, which could eventually be extended to other sections of the government bureaucracy. It also shows that despite the country’s concerns, China intends to play the technology card in the near future.


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