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Christmas family photo ideas

christmas tree at home
christmas tree at home

The Christmas season is one that many people look forward to. We love the joy that lives and see how everything is filled with good wishes, making of that time, a memorable one.

A beautiful way to celebrate and remember Christmas is by taking photographs that capture that illusion and happiness that you feel. We share some ideas of Christmas photographs to be made as a family.

For babies

The first Christmas of the baby is one of the most special and there are many ways to celebrate it. A nice way to keep a memory of this memorable moment is with a photograph, so I turned to Instagram to share a little inspiration.

In this tender age in which your little hands and little feet are so small and adorable, you can choose to take a photograph where they are the center of the composition, like this one with playful feet accompanied by typical lights of the time.

Another very nice option is to dress them according to the elements and Christmas colors, like this tender baby with its body of little lights and a beautiful red tutu.

And how about dressing babies with a suit from one of the characters that accompany us at parties? In many stores you can now find Christmas-themed clothes very tender and fun to dress your baby.

In addition to the suit, dress or Christmas shirt, you can add some decorations to give more play to the picture.

A classic and very beautiful photo is one in which the baby plays with the Christmas lights. With their innocence and their little eyes full of curiosity, they manage to have memorable images.

If your baby is still tiny or does not like to pose for the camera, one option is to take photographs discreetly, with the Christmas tree in the background.

Babies First Xmas 🎄 👶🏼 #CountDown #Xmas

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You can also take more natural and spontaneous pictures, such as the one in which the baby approaches full of curiosity to touch a sphere with his hands or the next where he plays with gifts, which also serve as a distracting element to help you take the pictures.

For children

With older children we can sometimes have a little more time and ease to plan a photograph with more elements. Many times they love to pose and smile, which gives us a very nice result.

A very nice moment to keep is when we put the tree, since children are very excited to help decorate it and we can keep a beautiful memory of their first Christmas.


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Nada é mais lindo que a pureza das crianças! 💛 . . . #christmasminisessions #fotosdeamor #sessaodenatal #tachegandoonatal

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If we have the space and the necessary elements, we can create a small scenography to take some tender pictures of the children. Particularly I love this photograph of the child giving a little kiss to the doll, I think it totally captures the innocence and illusion of age and parties.

We can also play with some Christmas traditions, as in this funny photograph of two brothers eating cookies with a glass of milk (hopefully they will leave some to Santa Claus!).

For parents and children

Something that we sometimes forget to dads for walking with the emotion of portraying our children, is to include us in those photographs. So remember to also put yourself in the picture, so that when your children grow up, have a beautiful memory with you of their first Christmas.

Уже совсем скоро появится, у многих уже появилось, это чудесное праздничное настроение. Как в ожидание чуда мы ждём к новогодним праздникам волшебства и приятных перемен☺️ Вы уже выбрали подарки для своих близких? 🤗 Намекну, сертификаты в наличие, пишите 📩_______________________________________________ #weddinginspiration #lovestory #fineart #weddingdress #wedding #weddingphotographer #fineartphotography #weddingukraine #wed_vibes #bridals #bride #photowed #familyphoto #familyphotography #film #filmphotographer #filmphoto #weddingphoto #wedwibes #California #miami #Черезэмоциикчувствам

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How about this photograph in front of the tree? You can try something similar with mom or dad holding your son or daughter and placing some decoration at home or in the pine.

One option to ensure that the whole family appears is to look for a photographer, during this time many offer mini sessions that include scenarios and decorations, so you just get cute and pose for the camera!

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Something to take into account now and whenever we take pictures with the family, is not to worry if things do not go perfectly. Sometimes those little moments of disorder are the ones that make us laugh the most and in the long run they create memories that will always make us smile.

Gosh – I just love them sooooo, so much! Matching jammies & cuddles with hot cocoa in our hands with the fireplace blazing are a few of my favorite things! I hold tightly to these boys, but not too tightly, because although they bring me joy, they cannot be my only source of joy. I cannot allow them to be everything that completes me because if things get hard, I will crumble. Before I was engaged, I was so guilty of the mindset that believed, “If only I were married, then I would be happy.” And after I said “I Do” that quickly shifted into “If only I could have this & this, I would be happy.” Do you go there? Do you allow yourself to believe that the “if only’s” will really make you happy? • • Sweet friends, they won’t. Do you see how those statements are surrounded by “me, me, me”? It shouldn’t be about us. When you give your life to something that makes an impact on into eternity – that is when you will experience true joy. What does God want you to do today with what He has ALREADY blessed you with? The women in scripture that I strive to look like are women who love generously. The ones who love freely and give of every aspect of themselves – money, time, heart & life while sharing the gospel. I pray to be an example of LOVE in response to the grace and gifts I’ve already received. Not a finicky love that is dependent on the person – but unconditional love where I won’t ask for anything in return or seek praise or glory for who I am, but only for who He is. 🖤

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And if all else fails, we can always take a picture inside the house, with our warm pajamas and just having a quiet family evening.

Remember that the most important thing besides capturing forever these moments, is to have fun, have fun with family and celebrate all those things for which we feel grateful.

Do you take Christmas photographs with your family?


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