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Cinnamon, The Christmas ingredient that will help you lose weight these holidays

A recent study confirms the power of this spice to stimulate metabolism and burn calories

Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth

Cinnamon is one of the most characteristic flavors of Christmas, a sweet and aromatic ingredient that stars in delicious hot drinks and Christmas desserts. Well, if you are already a fan of this delicious spice, this new motif will encourage you to use it yet: according to recent studies, cinnamon can help you avoid the extra kilos since it speeds up the metabolism and enhances the consumption of fat. A new trick that add to the list of simple habits to lose weight scientifically proven.


As reported by Time  magazine about a study published in the journal Metabolism, scientists at the University of Michigan have been able to verify how this ingredient -in particular cinnamon essential oil- stimulates the metabolismand helps burn calories through a process of thermogenesis. Therefore, consuming cinnamon regularly could help fat cells or adipocytes burn energy instead of storing energy, which results in weight gain. The study only confirms what other scientific trials have pointed out, which confirm its regulatory action on blood glucose levels. As explained by our expert Meritxell Martí, “if we keep blood sugar levels low, we will avoid fat deposits”.

Good ally to activate the metabolism

Meritxell Martí explains that cinnamon helps stimulate blood circulation and increase body temperature, which will help improve caloric expenditure and decrease fat accumulations. When we take cinnamon, we often notice a certain blush and this stimulus is what will cause our body to consume slightly more. This pharmaceutica shares with Hola.com, in addition, some useful clues to use it, like sprinkling it on food. If we look for an activating or stimulating effect of blood circulation, we should take more, more or less one teaspoon powder. A good choice is an apple and cinnamon tea: a tea is prepared with some slices of apple and cinnamon, it is left to infuse for a long time and it is taken, also in cold.


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Cinnamon also has relaxing components, which will help reduce anxiety. Improves digestion, intestinal transit and causes less gas accumulate. The aroma of cinnamon decreases stress and improves mood and mood changes, which also prevents us from eating impulsively. “This makes it very appropriate if we must follow a low-calorie diet or a slimming diet,” says Meritxell Martí.


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