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Cofounder of Vine wants a renewed version of the app


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Do you remember Vine, the application that allowed us to upload a 6-second video and reproduce it in an infinite loop that was discontinued at the beginning of the year?

For all the fans of the app we have good news. Dom Hoffman, co-founder of Vine, announced through his Twitter account that he will work on a new version of his popular application.

“I’m going to work on a continuation of Vine. I have felt it for a while and I have seen many tweets, direct messages, etc. “, you can read in its publication.

In another message Hoffman explains that “I am financed by myself only as an external project, so that it does not interfere with the work we are doing in the company, which is my priority”:

Finally, he says goodbye saying that there is no more information at the moment, but that he will share it as it develops.

Now we just have to wait to see what the new version of Vine will bring us.


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