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Consuming kiwis often promotes health and prevents diseases

It is the conclusion of the review article "Nutritional and health benefits associated with kiwi consumption", carried out by the Nutrition Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Complutense University and disseminated by Zespri.

Consuming kiwis often promotes health and prevents diseases

Including kiwis in the daily diet brings multiple benefits for all family members. In fact, its regular consumption is a good measure to promote our health and prevent certain diseases. This is one of the main conclusions of the review article “Nutritional and health benefits associated with the consumption of kiwi”, carried out by the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Complutense University of Madrid, recently published in the medical journal Hospital Nutrition.

In fact, kiwis, either in their variety Zespri Green or Zespri SunGold, stand out for their high nutritional value and for having a higher density of nutrients compared to other fruits. Among them, it should be noted that they are very rich in vitamin C, so much so that Zespri SunGold contains three times the orange and Zespri Green twice as much. They are also an excellent source of fiber and other nutrients, such as folic acid and potassium.

All of them act to promote the health of our body with benefits such as the following:

Immune system: Vitamin C and other substances with antioxidant properties present in kiwifruit contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system. According to the results of research included in the article, it could be stated that, in the absence of demonstrating longer-term effects, the habitual consumption of kiwi can protect against cardiovascular diseases due to its effects on oxidative stress.

Digestive system: there are many studies that confirm the benefits of kiwi for digestive health, thanks to its fiber content and actinidin, an enzyme only present in this fruit that helps digest proteins from other foods. Thus, the efficacy of kiwi consumption in the treatment of constipation in healthy elderly people in Spain, New Zealand and China, as well as in patients with irritable bowel syndrome has been demonstrated.

Respiratory system: it has been proven that, thanks to vitamin C and other antioxidants; the consumption of kiwifruit has positive effects against colds and flu, two of the most frequent problems of the respiratory system. For example, in the case of the elderly, it has been seen that this consumption helps to reduce the incidence and duration of sore throat and congestion. As for children, while kiwi is consumed, the probability of suffering colds and flu is reduced by half, reducing the severity of other associated problems (lack of appetite, general malaise, headache and decay).

Improvement of the state of mind: recently the positive effect that the kiwi has on the mood of people with little amount of fruit and vegetables in their diet has been studied. Thus, it has been concluded that consuming two yellow Zespri SunGold kiwis daily for six weeks decreases fatigue, increases energy and improves overall mood.

With all of this, it is suggested, as was anticipated at the beginning, that taking kiwis regularly as part of a balanced diet can be an effective strategy to promote health and prevent numerous diseases.


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