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Creativity, the secret for a robot not to do with your job

The secret to a robot does not take away your work


The fear that robots will replace current workers exists.

“They do not miss work, they do not waste time during their workday, and they do not get tired or protest they are efficient, efficient and do not charge a payroll. Robots are the dream of every entrepreneur, “they say from Steelcase, who declined that, according to the OECD, more than a tenth of jobs in Spain have a high probability of ending automated.

However, there are things that a robot cannot do and where humans should focus. Faced with the skills of artificial intelligence, experts encourage creativity.

“At a time when machines will assume the mechanical and administrative roles, the ability to think creatively and thereby innovate, will be determinant for the conservation of employment,” says Alejandro Pociña, president of Steelcase.

This company, in collaboration Microsoft, has carried out a study in which it is revealed that the professionals are already realizing this. 77% of workers see creativity as a response to artificial intelligence. And 7 out of 10 say that the ability to be creative will determine their work success in the near future.

Right now, 83% are already involved in daily or weekly tasks that require creativity. But a figure also high, of 75%, think that their working environments do not promote this ability. Moreover, 69% believe that their creative potential is being wasted.


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