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Critique of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)


Sometimes the importance and commitment of a film is merely to have a good time entertaining the viewer, much more than if the film is a great cinematographic work, if the first part already fulfills everything is said, there is not much more than analyze, just enjoy the minutes of the footage.

Jake Kasdan has shown that he is immersed in his films in comedy, as it is the part that surprises most pleasantly, because it is subtle but suggestive.

jumanji: welcome to the jungle
jumanji: welcome to the jungle

Four teenagers are immersed in the life of a video game, becoming each of the avatars of it. Now to recover their identity and return to normal they will have to follow the clues that are shown to them to return to the match point, in between some adventures to which they are not accustomed will make them suffer and have fun in equal parts, creating bonds between them that they will never forget.

In addition Jumanji fulfills another role and is one to show all young and teens no world beyond a screen of a video game . The film focuses on introducing the characters in a journey into the past and recovering the arts of games and traditional enigmas, making everything an adventure set in nature.

An exercise of giving value to creativity, friendship and much of what does not respect, tolerance of others. A film that wants to resume the adventures with a touch of healthy humor.

Another battle that has won the film itself in the era in which we move is not to fall into the temptation of 3D, the quality of the images far exceeds that technology that is trying to impose on certain films. Here the photography is recreated in the landscapes, not needing weapons of increase of anything, it even conserves the real image with its color, since no matter how much the 3D has improved, it keeps losing tonality and brightness.

There are not many movies on the billboards that are a little more focused, not only the children’s audience, but the one that is already in adolescence and Jumanji is a good proposal that starts with an aesthetic and dynamic eighties recreating the time and situations well.

Although one always tends to comparisons with the first parts, here in Jumanji: welcome to the jungle, with the great performance of Jack Black, his comedy so well taken in the whole plot and that leap from the present to the past, makes one center only at the moment and enjoy the gags that they offer us.

The script (Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg, Erik Sommers with novel: Chris Van Allsburg and Chris McKenna’s story) has drawn so well to each character that nobody gets lost in the steps that are created and that could disorient, on the contrary, their caricature taking out what enhances the character, not physically but in its background, makes a very pleasant way to follow each protagonist with its pros and cons.


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