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Daydreaming means being smarter, according to science

daydreaming is intelligent people.
Excuses to sleep at work: daydreaming of intelligent people

Have you ever discovered yourself sitting at your desk with your mind scattered in other thoughts? Surely, since more than one of us have found ourselves in this situation. Of course it is not the best position to adopt when you are in the office and your colleagues and / or bosses may call your attention. If it happens to you, now you have a perfect excuse: daydreaming is of intelligent people, according to science.

In particular, the Georgia Institute of Technology has carried out an investigation demonstrating that this is the case. Specifically, they say that if our mind is traveling frequently, it is because our brain is bored, not that we need more concentration or rest.

“People with efficient brains may have too much brain power to keep their minds from wandering,” says Eric Schumacher, associate professor of psychology at Georgia Tech and co-author of the study.

The study that determines that daydreaming is of intelligent people has been done with the help of more than 100 participants, who underwent an MRI. While doing the test, the research team asked each of them to focus their attention on a single point that was boring. Inevitably their minds began to wander, even with their eyes closed.

The analysis of the readings of the brain activity patterns of people revealed the same pattern: the existence of brain activity while we are dreaming. To make sure of this, the experts conducted tests to measure the intelligence and creativity of each user, while filling out a survey detailing how often their mind was disperasaba.

The results revealed cohesion between those who dream awake with a greater intellectual capacity, establishing a link between those with a strong mentality and with the habit of daydreaming. The explanation offered to this is that smarter people have more efficient brains and an additional brain power used in random thoughts.

“People tend to think of the mind wandering as something bad, you try to pay attention and you cannot,” says Schumacher. “Our data is aware that this is not always true, and reveals that some people have more efficient brains.”

You know what is the best excuse you have to put when you get caught throwing a head at work: daydreaming is intelligent people.



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