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Did you think that feminism is no longer necessary? This letter will make you change your mind

Did you think that feminism is no longer necessary?
big little lies nicole kidman

There are many absurdities that are heard every day, but if we talk about feminism, they are almost uncountable. «But what fight are you talking about? If you already have the equality you wanted so much! » ,« I do not get the things that end in * “ism”: neither machismo, nor feminism »,« Do not make yourselves the victims, we men also suffer »…

I hear it every day. I do not know what other feminist women do, but I no longer react to these kinds of statements: I do not feel like arguing with someone who has memorized four phrases on TV and has decided not to exercise his mind beyond his work in the office. In fact, I have never trusted people who take pride in having unchangeable ideas. How attractive can rigidity be? What is good about a lack of evolution?

I try not to waste my strength in absurd discussions, but I can not avoid being saddened by those people (many people) who believe that in Europe we live in equality. That the woman not only can vote (oh, thanks!), Or drive (how risky!), But also occupies some of the managerial positions (what the hell, huh?). What more can we ask for today? Why so much hustle? If we complain about vice! (Eye: there are even women who ask to modify the dictionary, as if that had some importance).

I do not intend to try to fix anyone’s head. Moreover, I still find it absurd to have to convince someone that a woman has the same rights as a man and that no one should suffer sexual harassment. It seems so obvious to me that I would not even know where to start.

What I would like is that the next time someone decides to drop one of those nonsense, ask a question: Is that the world I want for my daughter?

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A world in which your daughter must pretend to be on the phone while going through a dark alley. (Yes, I know, your children are also in danger in the street, but it is one thing for another man to dock, and another, because being a man is subject to being raped if you are in a street full of women.) A world in the one that a pronounced neckline of your daughter is invitation to sex. (Yes, I know, you will “educate” her and tell her that putting on a neckline does not help to avoid a rape, but you still do not realize that with that “education” you are teaching her that a man has the right to rape her if she is dressed as he likes it). A world in which your daughter, victim of a macho mistreatment, will always have some guilt.A world in which her husband will “help” her to wash clothes, prepare food and educate the children (your grandchildren) that are also his. A world in which the simple fact of having been born with a vagina will condition it in many aspects.

A world in which to have a sex life at will will label her as a slut .

I look at that “bitch”, because that’s where I would like to say something to those who say that the modification of the macho vocabulary is secondary. To which they assure that there are so many things to do that worrying about calling a doctor a “doctor” or saying “have ovaries” instead of “having eggs” is unnecessary.

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You worry a lot about what you eat and about the quality of the food you eat. You care more what comes through your mouth instead of what comes out of it. Maybe one is what he eats, but it is still more what he says. And we can not despise the power of language. As Delphine de Vigan says: “It is impossible to be cured of certain words, of certain looks. Despite the time spent, despite the sweetness of other words and other glances.

Why do I write an article like this? It’s easy: I believe in what we can transmit to others through writing. Moreover, I am convinced that saying things in good manners is the only way to make someone see something unattractive. And it costs, especially when you’re tired of repeating the same thing over and over again.

However, it is not the same to make yourself heard as to be heard. Because for the first thing you just need to scream a lot. For the second, talk in conditions, especially if your goal is to reeducate.

So from here and with much patience I ask you again the same question as before: Is that the world in which you would like to raise your daughter?


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