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Diet of Emily Ratajkowski: secrets to achieve great body

Diet of Emily Ratajkowski: secrets to achieve great body
Emily Ratajkowski

To show off a perfect body you do not necessarily have to kill yourself in the gym or eat only lettuce every day, you must learn to live in balance.

The best test of discipline and harmony in every way is Emily Ratajkowski, who in addition to having an enviable genetics, knows perfectly how to find the perfect balance.

Emily has confessed in interviews that balance is her source of health. And when we talk about balance in your life, we literally mean that you try to never go to any extreme.

In the case of food, the key is also to mediate. These are his recommendations:

Emily Ratajkowsi

Small habits that make a difference

1 The supermodel cooks herself to make sure there is a balance in what she consumes: “Controlling the amount of salt and sugar and the type of things you eat and take to your body is basic,” she explains.

2. Do not restrict, control: “I’m not the one who is always eating salads. I love meat, I always look for an important contribution of iron in my diet and I never forbid food. ”

3. When you have a craving, give your tastes without remorse: “I love kouign-amann (French puff pastry tart), suddenly my morning starts with coffee and bread of these”.

4. It does not matter that you have a lot of work, do not skip meals: “When I’m in production I always try to have healthy snacks on hand and I always give myself time to sit down and eat.”

5. From time to time also go to restaurants: “I love going out with my friends and Italian food is my delirium, but I prefer meat to pasta. Japanese food is also my favorite.”

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Exercise the balance of any diet

While it is true that Emily Ratajkowsi does not restrict anything in your diet, it is also true that to have that body you need to stay active:

“I love walking, I do yoga two or three times a week and all the time I try to move. I’m not a crazy person for fitness, I do not have a personal trainer, but I do like exercise.”

Caprichos yes, but only sometimes

Ratajkowsi confesses that the whims in food are not bad, but they have to be from time to time, not every day. “If you’re going to eat high-calorie foods, prefer what makes you feel better and really like it, that it’s worth it.”

Emily Ratajkowsi


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