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Directly ending your relationship is better, according to science

Directly ending your relationship is better

All once in life, we have tried to finish with someone and we know that it can become the most difficult and painful, above all, painful; but there is an option to avoid all this pain; you should only have it clearly if it is what you really want.

Experts from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah have been looking for alternatives to “Your stuff is on the street.” These researchers have discovered that people prefer frankness and not rodeos and good manners. “Suddenly saying ‘I want to cut you off’ could be too direct… but it’s enough to have ‘we have to talk’, and leave a couple of seconds for the other person to process the bad news,” explains Nicole Amare, one of the authors of the study and professor of Communication in the university.

The 145 participants were presented with two possible ways to give bad news about “social relationships”. The examples contained visual, textual and verbal messages. The participants were asked to indicate to what extent the information seemed clear, considered, direct, efficient, honest, specific and reasonable.

In general, the worse the news the less words should be used to communicate it. It’s better to drop it all at once and that’s it. “If there’s a fire in your house, all you want to know is to get out of there, or if you have cancer, you’d rather have the doctor tell you directly and not talk about it,” Manning said.

Now, leave the internet and go to break hearts. Remember to be direct and efficient.

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