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Discounts, a risk for personal finances

Discounts, a risk for personal finances

Discounts, promotions, auctions, end of season, great cheap, Good End?? Do not allow purchases to go more expensive in the season of offers.

We think that the big sales are positive because you can get objects at a better price; however, under the precept that it is cheaper, we can exceed the expense and in the end pay it dearly.

“It was on offer” you can return the reason why the fortnight does not reach. And worse if you cannot pay the total credit card account and start paying the horrible interest.

Taking advantage of a discount means knowing the limit of use on the card to avoid getting stressed paying that debt until the end of time.

Avoid spending too much on things you can expect, those are cravings for which you have to develop skills such as self-control and planning personal finances.


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