Home Entertainment Discover what ‘Altered Carbon’ is, the first series-event of 2018

Discover what ‘Altered Carbon’ is, the first series-event of 2018

Netflix goes cyberpunk in a superproduction about identity, reincarnations and crimes of the future.

Well, Malasaña has been gentrified.

Based on Richard Morgan’s modern classic, ‘Altered Carbon’ is one of those science fiction series that comes to us with the promise of propelling the genre towards new visual and thematic dimensions. In that second point is the video that Netflix unveils to us in scoop, where the showrunner Laeta Kalogridis and its protagonists explain exactly how they have decided to translate Morgan’s cyberpunk noir into images. The concept of being reborn inside a chip may raise a headache, but the first series-event of 2018 promises that the explanation will be as simple as waking up a good day in someone else’s body. A person named Joel Kinnaman.

On February 2 we will discover if everything has been worth it. Meanwhile, remember that Gigamesh reissued the original novel very recently, so you have no excuse for not doing homework.

The showrunner Laeta Kalogridis trains Joel Kinnaman.


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