Home News Disney says: its streaming service will be cheaper than Netflix!

Disney says: its streaming service will be cheaper than Netflix!

star wars a new hope

As you may have already read or heard, Disney had announced a few months ago to prepare its own video streaming platform for 2019. The studio would offer exclusive content Marvel, Star Wars and Disney, of course. And the price would be lower than that of Netflix!
According to statements by Bob Iger, the boss of Disney, during a meeting with investors, this service would indeed be cheaper than Netflix: “I can tell you that our intention at Disney is to place the price under that of Netflix. This reflects the fact that the catalog will be much less supplied. There is that said quality works by brands and licenses that we have and which we have already talked about. But we will have less content, so the price will be in adequacy.”

Should it be inferred that the tariff will increase as the catalog expands? After all, Netflix proceeds a little this way. Disney would propose a price to appeal to attract a maximum of customers and would raise the price later…

For the moment, the price of this streaming service has not been disclosed. Netflix packages are offered between € 8 and € 14 per month in France. This can give an idea between 6 and 12 €? 5 € for the entry level? To be continued!


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