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Do men and women equally lie in a relationship?


Trust is basic in every relationship; however, there are times when both men and women fall into lies. The question is do we do it for the same reasons? Did a study and for that, polled a thousand Americans about having secrets in a relationship.

83.2% of respondents said it was okay to lie at some point in their lives, while three out of four respondents (74.4%) agreed that “sometimes it is appropriate” to say a pious lie. What most men and women hide from their partners are issues related to infidelity, sex, money, cars or drugs.

Do men and women equally lie in a relationship?

In addition, the study revealed that there is a big difference between the reasons that lead a man and a woman to lie.

Men tend to lie because it benefits them, mainly. Meanwhile, women are more likely to keep a secret to safeguard someone else’s integrity.

So the lives of men tend to be self-centered, for example, when your boyfriend tells you to go out with his friends, just the day they had planned a dinner with people who did not like them at all.

Women, on the other hand, often lie for the benefit of a third person. For example, brides who do not dare to tell their boyfriends how bad they have left that shirt to NOT make him feel bad.

How about? I think nothing is better than honesty, no matter how difficult it is to tell the truth.



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