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Do you already know the “rule 37”? Reveal the best age to get married!


Would you have noticed that a mathematical rule would be able to determine the ideal age to marry? No joking, and yes it would suit you to apply it!

It’s called the 37% rule and it measures the limited time we have to value important decisions in our lives.

Not only does it work to decide on love, it can also help you choose jobs, a new apartment or a new roomie, for example.

The rule works like this: You must choose to sit down after you have left with 37% of your romantic options, and this in age is around 26 years, assuming that your love life will last from 18 to 40 years.

When choosing a potential husband before that age, you could miss the opportunity to find potential big partners whom you would meet later.

However, if you expect more, your potential spouse might be out by then.

Will you apply the rule?


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