Home Health Fitness Do you really know what the shoelaces are?

Do you really know what the shoelaces are?

Do you really know what the shoelaces are?
stretching wrong

Sometime in our lives we have suffered that sore ache of soreness. Either by changing the training routine or by starting sports after a long time settled in a sedentary life.

Do you want to know exactly what they are and how can you avoid them? Surely you hate the feeling of not being able to crouch without pain for doing squats, so take note.

What are stiffness?

Years ago, it was believed that the laces were caused by the accumulation of lactic acid crystals in the muscles exercised. These crystals punctured muscle and produced famous pain. At present, this theory has been discarded for several reasons:

  • The lactic acid requires a temperature of -5ºC to crystallize. In addition, lactic acid crystals were never found in muscle biopsies.
  • Patients with McArdle’s disease, who are unable to produce lactic acid, also suffered from soreness pains.
  • Lactate levels are the same before and after exercise.

The most successful theory today is that pain is produced by the inflammatory reaction of various micro-fractures of muscle fibers and tendonoses. It happens when our muscle is not prepared or accustomed to the intensity of the training.
The stiffness appears between 24 and 72 hours after doing some high intensity exercise and repetitive movements.

How do I differentiate them from an injury?

The main key to know if we have an injury or soreness is to know the intensity of the pain and in the time it has taken to appear. The pain that we suffer in an injury is more acute, intense and has instantaneous appearance; however, the pain of the stiffness usually appears about 24 hours after finishing training. In addition they usually cause a decrease in force in the affected area, but without prohibiting movement.

Can they be treated or decreased?

From here we assure you that the small cup of water with sugar is useless. It was previously thought to relieve soreness because water with sugar dissolved the crystals that theoretically punctured the muscles.

If you can not stand the pain, it is most effective to take anti-inflammatories, apply cold, anti-inflammatory creams and perform massages. But if you can take it, avoid taking medication; You know that in a few days the pain will pass.
Having stiffness does not mean you have to stop training, the other way around. Performing the same type of exercise increases blood flow in the painful area, which decreases the metabolites and relieve pain in some way.

The best way to prevent its appearance is by performing a good warm-up and starting with a low intensity. You will need to work your muscles and gain flexibility before increasing the intensity of your workouts.

Having shoelaces is synonymous with working, but not having them means that you will be working correctly.


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