Home Lifestyle Do you use the correct bra size?

Do you use the correct bra size?

Choosing the right bra is super complicated and although sometimes we do not notice it, most of us use one that does not fit, so we have to deal with several problems. We help you identify when you use the wrong size.

Do you use the correct bra size?
Do you use the correct bra size?

Believe it or not, most women wear an INCORRECT bra size and we do not even know it. It is very important that we correct this error to give adequate support to our bust.

Identify if you are using an incorrect size with these signs:

1The straps fall out

It is very common that your braces fall suddenly, as they can stretch over time and washed, plus you can have one shoulder more fallen than another (it is very normal), but when you adjust the straps as much as you can and Even so, it keeps falling, it’s because you do not really have the bra because it does not give you the support you need. The best thing you can do in these cases is to lower a size to bra (32, 34, 36), so that does not happen.

2Small chubby

It does not matter if you’re skinny or not, when your bra starts to make small bumps on the top, bottom or sides of your chest making it look like you have more than two bubs, then it’s because the bra is a little too small and You have to increase one cup size more. (A, B, C, D).

3Wrinkled fabric

If it happens to you that the cloth of the cup of your bra is seen with some wrinkles or is not stretched 100%, it is because you need a smaller cup size so that the bra can give the necessary support in the cup.

4Where do you fasten it?

Generally we do not pay attention to which hook we fasten our bra and we do it in the one that suits us the most, but the truth is that the perfect place to do it is in the middle of the hill.

This serves so that, when the bra begins to loosen over time, you can change to the first hook and make it fairer. So if you use your bra on the first hook, you have to look for a smaller size and if you use it in the third one, look for a larger size.

5Loose band

Once you have adjusted your suspenders and fastened the band on the center hook, go in a side mirror and see if the band is perfectly horizontal and just in your back or on the contrary it rises a little, if this happens to you It’s because the bra is too small and you have to use a larger size.

6Are the suspenders marked?

It can happen that your braces are too tight and they stay marked when you take off your bra, but when that happens in excess and the marks of the straps are already common in your body, it’s not because your bubs are too heavy, but because the size of your bra is not giving you the necessary support in the band and you have to use a smaller one.

7Very small cups

All bras have a small center between the cups and that small center will make you realize if you use a cup below the one you need. If the center of your bra fits perfectly in the bounty between your bubs, then the cup is perfect, but if it is a “flying” or with space and the time to raise your arms also rises, is that you need a larger cup.

8Bra ring

It is very common that with the use and especially the washes, the ring that has the bra in each cup comes out, but it is not good when that ring has not come out and still hurts your skin; That means you need a bigger cup to keep it from happening to you.

9Chubs in the back

When your bra is responsible for those chubby you have in the back, does not mean you’re getting fat or anything like that, but you urgently need a larger bra size to keep that from happening to you.


10Your back or neck hurts

One of the basic functions of an adequate bra size is that it gives you the necessary support so that your back and neck do not carry all the weight and even your posture can improve, so if you constantly have back or neck pain it may be because You do not have the correct size of bra.

In these cases it is highly recommended that you see the signs we mentioned before and when you go shopping you will know what to ask the seller.


Check all the signs to know if you are using the correct size bra and solve it, your back, neck, shoulders and bubs will thank you.


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