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Dolby Vision will reach some models of Sony TVs thanks to an update at the beginning of 2018

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The CES of Las Vegas approaches that how every year it is celebrated at the beginning of the year in the American city and symptom of its proximity is that news begin to appear that affect all the areas of consumer electronics, being that of televisions one of the most important in this fair.

Thus we have learned that Sony has prepared an update for some models of its catalog that will endow with the compatibility with the image improvement system via Dolby Vision HDR. Specifically, they will be the spectacular Sony Bravia A1 OLED as well as the Sony ZD9, X94E and X93E models.

The update that will begin to be implemented from the end of January 2018, will allow these models have the ability to make use of content in Dolby Vision and thus complements the existing possibility to use HDR10.

This is a measure expected by the owners of one of these models since the beginning of this year, at the CES in Las Vegas but in 2017, the Japanese firm announced that it would work to bring the HDR via Dolby Vision to its catalog of televisions. An update that should have arrived at the end of 2017 and that is delayed by one month in the calendar.

Sony Corporation
Sony Corporation

Dolby Vision improves the possibilities offered by these models with HDR10. And is that the biggest difference between both standards is referred to the depth of color and brightness because while in Dolby Vision we talk in terms of 12-bit color, in 10 HDR the figure is 10 bits. In this way Dolby Vision has 4,096 possible RGB values ​​compared to 1,024 values ​​for HDR 10, both well above the non-HDR models that we can find in the market (256 RGB values ​​of 16 million colors).

For now we do not know more details about the update and we will have to wait for CES 2018 to have access to deadlines and more improvements that could come with this patch. In passing, we hope that Sony finished updating their Smart TV to Android 7.0 Nougat, because there are still many who are still in an old version of Android, including one of the star models of the year 2016 how is the Sony XD9305.


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