Home News Science Donald Trump signs for NASA to send astronauts to the Moon

Donald Trump signs for NASA to send astronauts to the Moon

The magnate formalizes his decision with the signing of a decree to achieve advances in the space industry.

Donald Trump signs for NASA to send astronauts to the Moon
Donald Trump signs for NASA to send astronauts to the Moon

Since Donald Trump took office as president, we have seen that the tycoon has not been characterized precisely by promoting projects that are in favor of the environment and talk about NASA? Do not even think about it.

In fact, a few months ago, Trump presented a first draft for the budgets that will be carried out in the course of the year 2018 in which, notably, reduced funding to sectors that include science as the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture , Department of Health and Human Services and, of course, NASA.

Apparently, for the US president it is more important to increase the budget for military spending and national security, than for scientific, biological or environmental advances. Regarding NASA, Trump said he intended the agency to focus more on space exploration and not so much on environmental issues or in collaboration with private institutions, just as in the case of Uber in which NASA will help the company to do his flying taxi project .

However, despite the fact that the magnate has been in constant contact with NASA, recently, he signed a decree ordering the space agency to initiate an exploration program that will send American astronauts back to the Moon, according to the White House.

This new agreement will imply that the White House government has officially ordered a manned mission to our natural satellite, after Apollo 17 took the astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt to the Moon in 1972. That is, a human could return to step on lunar territory after 45 years. Undoubtedly, it will be a truly epic and historic day…

And, of course, a photograph of the tycoon signing could not miss… NASA published the decree through its official Twitter account.

According to the document, NASA will have to work with commercial and international partners to achieve its objectives that contemplate a mission to the Moon that will establish the base to reach other planets, specifically Mars.

“The policy requires the NASA administrator to lead an innovative and sustainable exploration program with international business partners to allow human expansion through the solar system to bring new knowledge and opportunities back to Earth.”

To reach the decree, Donald Trump said he will redirect the US space program in exploration and human discovery, marking the first step to return astronauts after what happened in 1972. Although, yes, it will not be enough to plant a simple flag , but it will seek to go further.

It will only be to wait to see how NASA will develop this new mission, because it is not the only space agency that has its sights set on the Moon or the conquest of Mars, but also Space X and Boeing are making great efforts for space exploration.


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