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Dragon Quest Builders also aims to make the jump to Nintendo Switch with a version that will arrive in February

Dragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest Builders

It’s been a little over a year since ‘ Dragon Quest Builders ‘ went on sale on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita and the construction game just lost exclusivity on Sony consoles after Square Enix announced its intention to publish a version for Nintendo Switch , about which it has revealed its launch date and will be on February 9, 2018 when it will hit stores.

A detail that draws attention is that, contrary to what usually happens, we will receive this spin-off of the saga well before the users of Japan, where it will be available from March 1.

In addition, all those who have never played ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ will have the option to check how exactly this construction game with touches of RPG, since through the eShop a demo will be available from February 1, by What will be a week ahead to thoroughly test this version that will arrive in a couple of months to the Nintendo console.

As if that were not enough, Nintendo Switch users will also benefit from other exclusive news. The most important is the incorporation of a small saber teeth that our protagonist can mount, with which we can move faster through the map and get special materials passing by defeating the enemies.


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