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Dunder Mifflin opens again: ‘The Office’ could return next year with a new season

Dunder Mifflin opens again: 'The Office' could return next year with a new season
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When one watches the NBC programming of recent years, one wonders where those mythical nights of comedies with hilarious combinations were. The last generation of those essential Thursdays died, or at least was in terminal state in 2013 when we had to dismiss first of ’30 Rock’, in January, and in May of ‘The Office‘.

After almost five years since we said goodbye to Dunder Mifflin employees, Michael Scott (Steve Carell), it seems that NBC is shuffling along with Greg Daniels, who was in charge of importing the series from the UK, the return of the series for a new season in 2018/2019.

This resurrection of ‘The Office’ would come by the good reception that has had the great return of the comedy this season: the ‘Will and Grace’, which has been a success moving in this ninth season among the 6-7 million of spectators per episode . These good data are a great indication that Bob Greenblatt, president of the chain, can give the green light to a new season of the “work sitcom” par excellence.

The project is still so in diapers that the only comment is that it will be set in our well-known paper company and that there will be room for some of the characters of all life and for new additions. What does seem clear is that Carell would not be involved and that the same thing is to sign a new Michael Scott.

The other day we talked about the fear that gave the adaptation of ‘IT Crowd’ and in the comments stood out precisely this as a great example of remake of British material . The truth is that it is almost the paradigm of how well it can be done. ‘The Office’ gave us, in its nine seasons, authentic and hilarious wonders, hopefully their return, if it occurs, keep trying.


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