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Eight tips for phone addicts

Phone addicts

Public transport is one of the places where our telephone addiction is most evident.

Are you one of those who pull the phone at the movies? Of those who cannot avoid compulsively unblocking the phone to see if it has received a new notification? Do you respond to WhatsApp messages even in the middle of the night? Do you recognize having spent more than an hour or two engaged in the Facebook feed or watching videos on YouTube? Or, worse, do you like to tweet in the bathroom?

We have 8 practical tips to keep at bay your growing dependency relationship with that mobile device that 10 years ago did not intuit that one day you would become your inseparable friend:

Uninstall Facebook or other apps

We told you a few months ago: nothing like starting 2017 off Facebook. If you are not ready to take the step, at least uninstall the app from your phone. You will gain a lot of the always much needed storage space. Because yes, you are still in time to fulfill some of your New Year’s resolutions. And now to uninstall any app to Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Snapchat that you open with the intention of gossiping for 5 minutes and in which you end up hanging for more than an hour without knowing exactly what you have done.

Buy yourself an alarm clock

Of all life. Because with the excuse that you use your omnipresent mobile to wake up in the morning, you have not even gotten out of bed and you’re already checking the work email or the latest nonsense of your favorite WhatsApp group.

Put a little distance between you and your device

Dare even to leave it in c

If you’re just going to the corner cafeteria or making a quick errand. We know that there is nothing worse than standing in line at Starbucks without the possibility of taking the phone out of your pocket. But really you will come well 5 minutes of simple wait. Maybe you find something unexpected or learn something new.

Become familiar with the wonderful art of waiting

Take a book to the dentist’s office or if you have stayed for a drink with a punctual friend. And force yourself not to take your phone out of your pocket when you are having dinner or drinking something with someone who is absent a moment to go to the bathroom or go out to make a call. Do what you would have done ten years ago: look around or just get bored.

Look again through the window

If you go by subway, train or bus, look out the window, gossip what your wagon mates do or read (a book or magazine, reading your “news” feed from Facebook does not count). The only downside to this is that devoting to voyeur in public transport is much less entertaining than a few years ago, because basically everyone is buried in the mini-screen of their happy mobile device. But you always have the option of taking a nap and now.

Avoid using it in certain places

There are spaces where the use or even the presence of your phone should be prohibited. And yes, the bathroom is one of them. Tweeting while you pee is not a good idea in any of the ways. Not even if you have a waterproof phone. But do not limit yourself only to the bathroom and do not use your mobile when you are sitting at the table or in the cinema. Manners and common sense go.

Give him a break

In the same sense, try to limit your use when it is not necessary to be reachable. SilĂ©ncialo at night minimizes the number of notifications you receive and even put your phone in flight mode on weekends. The latter will allow you to use your mobile’s camera, without being tempted to open that political video that your father sent you and you know that it will put you in a bad mood but you also want to see why you are something masochistic. Basically, go back to enjoy the cinema, a meal, a concert or a trip to the mountain without having to take out the phone every two minutes.

Measure your use

If you want to know to what extent you lose time with your phone, install a monitoring app like Moment, which will tell you how many hours a day you use your mobile or which apps are the most used, in addition to allowing you to set limits.


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