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Everipedia: an alternative to Wikipedia based on Blockchain


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One of the founders of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, has just had an innovative idea, or perhaps not so much: to make his own virtual encyclopediaEveripedia, work based on the Blockchain protocol . According to him, it is a way to decentralize human knowledge and make it much more secure and accessible in countries that use censorship intensively, such as China.

Actually, the idea of ​​a Wikipedia clone with Blockchain is much more similar to the free to play mobile games that are so abundant nowadays: you write articles and win tokens housed in this ultra-safe virtual protocol ; if you want to make modifications, pay the price in tokens, and so on.

It would be the  gamification of Wikipedia , or rather the alternative created by Sanger when he left this nonprofit company. In order to win Blockchain tokens, many people would be encouraged to collaborate and edit Everipedia articles, which, being completely decentralized, would be safe from computer attacks.

The idea is to apply the same process that supports Bitcoin , Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies or virtual currency to knowledge and human knowledge. Just as economic capital is sometimes threatened, so are articles that can be destabilizing for certain countries and organizations.

In addition to being more secure, Everipedia would be a much cheaper alternative to Wikipedia in terms of web hosting and associated costs . By staying in a chain of virtual blocks, its creators would not have to do continuous funding campaigns, something that Sanger understands enough after founding the most popular virtual encyclopedia in the world.

The arrival of Wikipedia changed the Internet forever and the way to access articles, explanations and knowledge, democratizing them and making them much more accessible for all people with access to the world’s network. However, nothing is forever, especially in a world as changing as the Internet. We’ll see if Larry Sanger, one of his parents, is able to kill his creation with something better.


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